Monday, December 5, 2011

Makes My Monday . . . NAP TIME ROCKS!!!

Well it's 10:30 on Monday night, which is still technically Monday :o) Today has been one of those days, but mainly it was an eye opening view into what is to come. . .. my son will be two in February . . . yes two . Today I saw the infamous "terrible two" in black and white. 
 My son is amazing, he is the sweetest, most gentle loving little boy I know. His instinct is to hug and kiss and love on people. He has never hit, bit, or be "ugly" to anyone. Today was a first. 

It was nap time. We have a routine, we have a schedule and he has always thrived on it. For 22 months or 93 weeks or 654 days he has thrived. Today it threw him into a full blown, yelling kicking screaming hitting tantrum!!!! 

Never in his lifetime have we had a "oh my gosh is this my son moment?!?!?!" 
today was our day 

today . . . nap time makes my monday 

it's a chance for this mama to recharge and take a deep breath

only to start it all over again in two short hours

Adios Mis Amigos,