Friday, June 8, 2012

Frugal Friday -Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Summer is here, at least it was for a week before it got cold again. That meant a full 4 days of sun and swimming. Both dried my skin out like crazy. Plus since it was my first time in the sun, I got my annual burn. So now I have that yucky dried out peeled skin. I searched the web for a good body scrub I could make with items I had on hand.

My favorite out of the bunch, Cinnamin Vanilla Coffee Scrub. It worked out perfectly because I had just made a huge pitcher of cold brew coffee and had exactly two cups of ground coffee left over.

You need
2. Cups ground coffee (save your leftovers from your morning brew)
1/2 Cup Raw Sugar or Salt (I used salt cause we only have splenda in the house)
3 Tablespoons Massage Oil (any oil would work, the lighter the better)

Mix it all together allowing the mixture to blend well with the oil so it's a nice gouppy paste . I stored mine in a mason jar and it's lasted about 5 showers so far. Each shower I do a different body part.

Another few I found online but haven't gotten the chance to try out yet

Lavendar Peppermint Foot scrub (my feet are in dire need)
1 Cup Salt ( sea salt, epsom salt, regular salt )
1/3 Cup Oil
10 Drops Peppermint oil
10 drops lavender oil

Plain Jane Salt Scrub
1 Cup Salt (again any kind you have on hand)
1/3 cup oil
10 drops essential oil of your choice

Sugar Scrub
1 Cup Brown Sugar
20 Drops Vanilla Essential Oil
1/3 cup almond oil
((I can only imagine how yummy this will smell))

Adios Mis Amigos,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday - it is well with my soul

 Today, I woke with a song stuck in my head. Normally it's from whatever movie Little Man is obsessing over, but today, it was a hymn. I haven't heard it in a while, but it was exactly what I needed to be reminded of.

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul...
 And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Even so, it is well with my soul.
Love it when stuff like this happens. There have been a lot of uncertainties in our lives lately. Mostly relating to finances (isn't it always). I have been so worried that we wouldn't have what we needed over this summer. Long story short, things just aren't panning out the way we had envisioned.

We will be fine. We have a roof over our head, food in our fridge, and truth be told, more then so many. But I'm a worrier by nature. I like to have everything planned and accounted for, and finances are apart of that. But today, I am realizing that no matter what our circumstances have been in the past, God has provided every single one of our needs. I have no reason to worry. And literally as soon as the thought passed through my brain, this wave of peace followed right behind.

Today, I thank God for His provisions in our lives. Little man was not in our plans, neither was me not working. We have never been lacking. We have always been provided for in abundance and that is God's great faithfulness in our lives. Little Man was the best thing to ever happen to me, and while it seemed like such a scary adventure when I first found out I was pregnant. It has been the greatest adventure of my life!

It is well with my soul!

Adios Mis Amigos,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- what a difference a day makes

Today is Wednesday, hump day. And I've been spending it doing a little rearranging, both in our home and on the blog. I don't know what it is about summer, but it always makes me want to simplify my life. I cleaned out cabinets, closets, and drawers, getting rid of anything that hasn't been used since last summer.

I consider this blog a home a place were I can sit and sip coffee and share whats on my heart. . .  I want both my "homes" to reflect summer and nothing says summer like flip flops and hibiscus (at least to me anyway).

 Now onto wordless Wednesday.. not so wordless huh? But it does revolve around a picture :o)

I found this idea on Pinterest and just had to make it :o) 

I had a hard time choosing colors

 but decided to go with the most summery (most like summer)
and my Kitchen dining room is accented in yellow

It was super easy, print up in word and then used one of my Dollar Store Picture frames to hang it. Total cost $1.00 (cause I had ink and paper) and best of all I LOVE IT. A little reminder that each and every day has the possibility of greatness!

Adios Mis Amigos,