Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself here. I am a mom, who is working on being a full time stay/work/play at home mom. Each and every day is different, and I just never know what the journey may hold. Balancing the responsibilities of a mom, wife, housekeeper, maid, laundromat, groomer, pet trainer, and gardener is never easy.

I am always open to performing product reviews.  The base of blog readers are moms, in all stages and phases of life.  Most are just like me, trying to juggle their career with their home life. I am particularly interested in doing reviews of products, books, and services that will help make their hectic lives easier. I'm an aspiring professional organizer and love things that help to declutter and create some sense of organization in this crazy house. 

I love giving exposure to Mom-based companies; especially those that are just getting their feet off the ground with a great product. I love homemade, custom, artsy types of things, and so do my readers. I am based out of Burlington County, New Jersey and love giving shout outs to the local businesses, the mom and pop shops, as well as corporations that have families central to their business.

In order to perform a review I would need to be provided with your product prior to posting so that I am able to give my honest opinion about my experience with the product.  If I feel I cannot give a positive review on your product I will contact you before posting.  I will only give my honest opinion to my readers!

If you feel you have a product that relates to my blog content please feel free to contact me at