Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 5: Be careful little mouth what you say

here's the thing baby boy. I'm not going to lie, your mama has a hard time with this one. I have been known to drop the bombs and say things that I often regret. I have said things with the best of intentions and have them blow up in my face. I am really trying to not say anything that I wouldn't want you to say. I am also always trying (keyword trying) to say things that are good, encouraging, and honest. Nothing is worse then someone who goes around talking negatively all of the time. Don't be "that guy". The one that has to one up someone every time. Know your smart, funny, knowledgeable and don't be trying to prove your anything. But most importantly be honest. If you don't like something, find a nice way to say it. If something is bothering you, speak up. If your uncomfortable or need something, let someone know.

I know I know, there are going to be times that just call for certain words. . . here's the thing, God gave you an incredible brain, one that is capable of unimaginable things. Any joe smoe on the street can drop those words... it takes someone that is truly brilliant, such as yourself, to come up with whitty alternatives.

For now, lets just focus on Mama :o) can you say...... maaa maaa

Adios Mis Amigos,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 4: There's nothing like a new pair of sheets

Here's the thing my love. Sometimes life just sucks. I'm all about keeping your chin up, trying to find the bright side of things and making the most of it. But sometimes despite your most honest efforts you just need some time to curl up in bed under the covers and deal with things. I'm not saying become a hermit, more then a day (or two given the circumstance) makes you one of those people you see on your t.v. and is borderline manic depressive. I'll be sure to include a chart so you just how much "mopey" time your allowed.

For example, you get your heart broken by a girl, that is good for two days. (ok lets be serious any girl breaks your heart and mama will break her kneecaps) I am simply saying that sometimes, you need a day to just mope. Don't get dressed, don't exert any effort, just snuggle down in bed and examine your life.

Find something that gives you comfort, something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzily inside and go for it. (let me clarify, anything that is legal, doesn't hurt anyone else and won't hurt you either and go for it.) For your mama, there is nothing like a brand new pair of sheets. The good ones. We are talking 400thread count, Egyptian cotton. Send 'em through with some extra Lavender fabric softener and get ready to snuggle up. There's nothing more comforting in the world (to me at least). When I've had a crappy day (before you came into my life) I would come home, throw the sheets in the dryer and take a shower. By the time I was done, the sheets would be warm and toasty, and I'd be good to go.Always keep it in persespective and never let yourself get so mopey that you cross that very delicate line of "craziness" . . . but sometimes... life requires a day in bed, curled up under your covers with a new pair of sheets.

Adios Mis Amigos,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3 : "it is what it is"

Today is just one of those days baby. Not a stinking thing we can do about it. Your mom is feeling super yucky, headache, nauseous, and just all around blah. No your not getting a brother or sister, I'm pretty sure I'm just completely spent. Insomnia is kicking your mommies booty! Whileyou on the other hand, are sleeping with pure awesomeness and even getting the hang of the whole nap thing :o) so proud of you kid.

The moral of today is . . . "it is what it is". You'll learn that life isn't always what you expected. The important thing is recognizing it. Realizing that it's just the way it goes, and get on with it.

It is what it is.  Right now I'm struggling little man, I feel like you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life. You are my miracle. The thing that I will always be the most proud of. No matter what other things I may accomplish or experience, absolutely nothing will ever compare to the complete joy and happiness you give me. I am sad that I am not able to share you with my family. That they are missing out on these amazing days. But. . . say it with me . . . (okay I know you can't talk) IT IS WHAT IT IS. . . I made the choice to move down here to be with your dad. While we didn't choose this exact moment in our lives to have you, you were sent into our lives (and remember God doesn't make mistakes). 

So I have realized that if I want all of your NJ familia to be active and connected with you in your life, it's up to me. . . I document every stinking thing you do. I know you'll hate me some day, but your just too stinking cute with your rolly polly self in the bath tub.... I sent them pictures almost every month and send as many video's as the world wide web can handle.

How does this apply to you. Your going to find yourself in situations that are always the greatest. . . make the most of them my love. Realize that "it is what it is" that nothing is forever and you gotta roll with it.

Say it with me now . . . It is what it is :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 2: Your family is what you make it

The lesson I want to share with you today is that your family is more then just the crazy blood relatives that God put together. (Yes your stuck with them) But it doesn't mean that your stuck with having people that are unhealthy. This is something your mom has been struggling with for a while now. At what point do you say, "I'm sorry your just not helping me be a better person" and distance yourself from them?

You see there are many people in my life that have been there for me through thick and thin. Some people that I hold near and dear to my heart and would be absolutely devistated if they went away. Along those same lines there are some people that were just no good. People that did not help me be a better person and in fact pulled me down into some dark versions of myself.  Some that took me way to long to get rid of and others that I lost touch with and am sad about loosing. Some people that while they may be related to me genetically, I can't really figure out what in the world I'm supposed to do with them :o)  What your crazy disfunctional mama is trying to say. Be smart about who you allow into your life. Be honest and kind and compassionate and surround yourself with people who act the same

I pray that you always surround yourself with people that make you a better person, people that encourage you to be the best version of yourself. (your mom's goal for this next year) I pray that these also happen to be the family that God gave you, but should people turn out to be crappy, I pray that the solid head on your shoulders will help you get the crazies out of your life :o) Except for your mom and dad of course... your stuck with us until the end of time :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Friday, June 25, 2010

My journey of Transformation Day 1

I decided after much deliberation that I'm just not happy. Deep in my core I know that I could do better in pretty much every aspect of my life. Since having little man I have realized that it is up to me to make his life what I want it to be. If I am going to expect him to grow into a man of honesty, integrity, compassion, humility, and all of the other things I pray every day, I need to be the example that he sees living out those things in real life. I am his mom after all :o)

Yes I know he's a wee little baby but it's gonna take me a good amount of time to "fix" all of the crap I've got going on... gotta get a head start .... my language being one thing... would hate for his first words to be CRAP!!! (or worse)

So I'm on a quest ... a journey of transformation ... time to get serious.... I've realized that more then anything I want this blog to be something that I can look back on and read with my little man to show him how he changed my life in a million and one ways for the better. So I'm making a challenge for myself... a little Julie and Julia Style..... tracking my life and journey of transformation for 365 days.

Realizing that it has taken me a good 4 months to just figure out how to survive mother hood we are starting today at Day Numero Uno :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Day 1: God never makes mistakes

Day 1: We made it 4 months Baby!!! I know I know, geeeeze mom thanks a lot. ... but little mister, it was a rough 4 months. I've got to say that no amount of training could have ever prepared me for being a mom. Sure I knew how to change a diaper and the "basics" . . . but it is different when the baby screaming bloody murder is your baby.... Not only did we have to figure you out. What you liked and didn't like, how you wanted to sleep ... or not sleep... what things comforted you and which things freaked you the heck out... it seemed as if as soon as we would think we had you semi-figured out, you entered into a completely new phase and we started all over again.We also had a big lesson to learn about ourselves. Mainly it wasn't about us anymore. Our lives are now and forever will be all about  you :o) This is something that nothing but having a child will teach you. Putting the health and well being of someone else ahead of your own needs is not natural... but a lesson that was definitely needed!!!

I've got to say that I'm impressed. Not only have I managed to grow an entire human being in my uterus, I got you out (quite the feet), and managed to not screw you up beyond repair through your breakable newborness (the state of being a newborn). Your sleeping through the night !!! Rocking at least 12 hours every night with a week straight of 14 hours :o) your mama's pride and joy (praying your love of sleep continues until it's time for college.) You went from being a big ball of mush (but a cute ball of mush) with your whobbly head and scary lack of ability to control your movements; to being a full and complete littlest version of a man. I call you my little man :o) You have shown that your personality is very relaxed, laid back, and peaceful. You like calm and quiet and are seriously bothered by noise and chaos. I've got to say I love it!! Just my cup of tea!

But now to a serious note . . . you are amazing, in fact amazing doesn't even cover it ... you completely blow my mind each and every day.... you look at me as if I am the best thing in the entire world. . . no one can comfort you like I can, and all I have to do is sweep you up in my arms and no matter the crappiness of my day .... you make it all better.

The thing I want you to know about today is that God never makes mistakes. I know sometimes it's going to seem that way. You will think that you know what you want, what you need, and then BAMMM something completely different happens. Just take a deep breath and realize that it's not you making things happen, it's God allowing them into your life. He is going to teach you something amazing or show you things that you needed to see.

I am sooo thankful that God sent you into my life. That HE knew what I needed and I thank him each and every day for you.

So today my love I pray that you always know that God is in control, and never makes mistakes !!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

My new bedtime routine

So I figured, there is a reason why they tell new mama's to get their baby into a bedtime routine, it helps to get them ready to sleep amazing baby sleep.  . . with my long and crappy battle with insomnia I am at the point where I'm willing to try anything (short of the Michael Jackson version of ambien) to get some decent sleep.

Tonight is the night . . . I thought about what works for little man and literally went through it step by stepidy step.

A calming lavender infused bath. . . .a good lotion rub down to relax the muscles.... I read my bed time story (stories) (thank you google reader and my blog list that I LOVE!!!)  and am going to listen to my lullaby music (some lovely Norah Jones is on the menu tonight) ... praying to the sleep GODS that even one ounce of this works and I'm able to get some sleep...

We'll see how it goes... WISH ME LUCK!!!

 Adios Mis Amigos,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two weeks and Counting

Wow, I found this post stashed away in my drafts and have to smile while reading. Two weeks into being a mom and I was so funny. I wish I could go back in time and just hug me... reassure me that it was really going to get better, sleep would come, we would eventually get into a groove and it wouldn't seem so darn scary!!!! I would also tell myself that he would turn out to be the most amazing little man on the planet. . . interesting perspective though ... glad I found it :o) 

Written exactly two weeks post delivery.

The little man is still alive, still in one piece and doing amazingly well at putting up with his crazy parents. Mom and dad, while exhausted are holding up and still as in love as the first moment we saw his precious face. It's truly amazing to me how your body adapts to the sheer exhaustion of parenthood. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved sleep. I could sleep forever if allowed. My body has always been one that needed at least 8 hours a night in order to function. And yet now, I'm lucky to get 3 hours at any given time. Sure I'm tired but its nothing that a good cup of coffee can't remedy.

But as I sit and reflect on the past two weeks it's amazing to me that there is no class or preparation that is mandatory for having a baby. I mean, for someone trying to adopt you are put through the ringer. Your checked emotionally, physically, spiritually. Your home is inspected and your life is rooted through. And yet when you have a biological child there's nothing. I think that one person asked me at the hospital if my home was safe. They asked if the hubs was a beater and if I felt that my life or the life of my child was in jeopardy. But just because my husband isn't a wife beater doesn't mean I was prepared to be a mother.

Even after being a nanny for over 9 years there are things about this kid that freak me out. His random gasps and grunts. I jump out of bed and find myself sticking my finger up to his nose to make sure he's still breathing.
I mean, luckily, I feel like our home is safe, clean, and as "baby" proof as it needs to be for someone that eats, sleeps and occasionally poos. I was thinking today, if I were to host a new parent's class what would I want each person to walk out knowing.

Everyone tells you to send the baby to the nursery while your in the hospital so that you can rest. Here's my take on it. I just couldn't do it. I went through some health issues while recovering and they took the baby away so that they could focus on me. I spent almost 8 hours away from him and despite all that my body was battling all I could think about was him. I needed him close to me. So once they finally cleared me to go up to the maternity ward I couldn't stand to be away from him. I spent every second staring at him. He had to go under the lights for jaundice and he was only 2 feet away from me but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. It took my husband forcing me to let him go to the nursery the 2nd night we were there. It had been nearly 72 hours of little to no sleep and my body was shutting down. Find someone that will force you to send the baby to the nursery. Even if its just for a few hours between feedings. It was the hardest thing, and I even spent the first hour of that time angry with my husband for doing it. But looking back it was the best sleep I would get for at least 2 weeks !!!

Once your home, get your support buddies lined up. For me it was my husband, and for the baby my mom. My husband is amazing and totally helped me through the nitty gritty. I know that my recovery was different then most, I had alot of health issues to overcome. So you might only need one buddy ... for me I can't imagine having gone through those first critical hours without them both.  I was amazed at his unconditional love and compassion. He helped me in ways that I would have never imagined. But with almost all of his time and attention focused on me and my recovering body, my mom was able to focus 100% on little man. She kept him snuggled, diapers clean and delicious foods ready for us to eat whenever a moment allowed. I know that this might be a luxury for most, but if you have anyone that can step in and handle these things for you, even if its just the first 24 hours of being home... its a life saver!

This brings me to sleep. Everyone and their mom tells you to nap when baby naps. This is true... and you'll be able to handle things alot easier if you can catch up on rest when your little one sleeps. This didnt happen for me. I would lay down, shut my eyes and pray to the nap God's for even just half an hour of sleep. But I couldnt shut my brain off long enough to allow sleep to come. I would toss and turn and before I knew it, it was time for another feeding. This is when I realized I would just need to go to sleep at 6pm if I had to. Sleep, whenever, wherever you can. If it means putting the baby back to bed after his 7am feeding then do it. Hand him off to the hubs for that last feeding so you can get a head start on the night time shifts. DO IT! At first I felt like I needed to handle everything. I soon realized that doing everything would kill me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

F is for forgiveness. . . .

This baby maker is EXHAUSTED!! I can not even begin to explain it . . .and it just sucks.

Little man has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old. He even went on a 14 hour sleeping streak for a good couple of weeks. And yet I lay awake, tossing and turning for the better part of the nocturnal hours. I am sure that this has contributed to my state of "funk". This state that I just can't seem to shake. 

Today I was slapped in the face with the issue of forgiveness. I have always been the person that sees the best in people. The girl that wants to believe that there is good in every body. I have always given endless chances for people to redeem themselves. But lately I am just spent. I have seen entirely too many dissapointnements lately and I can not help but wonder how many times are  you supposed to forgive someone before they become someone you just don't keep in your life.

I hate how synical and dissapointed I have become. I don't want to raise my child in an environment that is filled with these kind of people. And yet, I know that as a Christian we are required to love and forgive.  I guess my question is this . . . when do you purge people from your life ??? what offenses are forgiveable and what are inexcusable??

I am grateful that my heavenly father has forgiven me each and every time I have asked. I thank God that HE has never given up on me. Is this reason enough to offer endless chances for people to be in your life? Or do you realize that your family is what you make sometimes and just realize that some people should not be in your life?Where do you draw the line between surrounding yourself with people that will encourage and uplift you . . .and offering forgiveness and second chances.

Adios Mis Amigos,


Just checking in as my life has seemed to gotten the best of me lately. I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling big time and trying to keep my head above water long enough to catch a few deep breathes of air.

I know I don't really come across as the super spiritual kind but my heart is struggling. Struggling with so many things and I pray that when everything is said and done . . . I will be able look back and see the lessons God was trying to teach me.

On this note, I'm taking a new direction. I want this to be something that my son can look back on and chronicle our lives together. I want him to see how much his mommy loves him. How she was willing to do anything for him. And that he is loved beyond measure.

I'm not posting on my daily topics anymore but rather as the mood strikes with things that are important to me. Things that really matter. As much as I'm sure you all love hearing about my to do list, and my freaking friday rants . . . :o) it's time for a life overhaul and what better place to start then where I share my heart :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 for 1 deal

Due to the state of my massive procrastination and general funk I'm sending out a little cutie pa tutie love for wordless wednesday and he also happens to be my thankful thursday this week...

Honestly nothing screams love like this !!!

This week has kicked my booty, complete with a computer virus that forced me into completely reformatting my harddrive and losing an insurmountable amount of work that was not backed up on my hard drive....

no matter what my state of funk ... one little glance from this guy and my heart skips a beat... how can you possible be in a funk with a cutie pa tutie like that!!!

I thank God every day that He knew better then to listen to my wishes to never have a baby and chose to bless me beyond words with this amazing little guy !!! Love you little mister!!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday... The Dr will see you now

 If the fact that I'm posting at 12:55 a.m. on WEDNESDAY MORNING is any inclination as to my days lately you should know that it has been B.U.S.Y. here at the Baby Maker's Casa.

We are attempting, key word attempting, to get little man on a better nap schedule this week. Which is including starting him on cereal. I have absolutely LOVED watching him learn how to "eat" (if you even call it eating).  It basically consists of me shovelling the same mouthful of cereal into his mouth while he pushes it around with his tongue for a bit and then spits it back out... repeat about 50 times and that is what we refer to as "breakfast"

On top of the normal day to day crazy cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, cleaning, and mothering general stay at home mom stuff, I'm knee deep in medical terminology. Why oh why did this baby maker think that Medical Transcription would be easy. I'm learning the medical term for everything from your head to your toes.... and let me just say... it makes me feel like I should be riding the special bus. The most challenging thing I have conquered in the past years since graduating high school has been teaching my nanny kids the ropes, coloring in the lines, how to not drown while swimming, the proper way to pump your legs while swinging. Never once did I think about my greek and latin forms and various prefix's and suffix's .... but since we've got bills to pay and formula to buy... I'm gonna keep trucking and hopefully trigger some of these brain cells to start working!!!

But today's focus for my tackle it Tuesday, sorry for the previous ramblings just needed to get it out there,  is my general health and well being.

I have been busy for 9 months (cooking little man) and the 4 months (trying not to kill little man) that my own health has really not been a focus.... it's been well over a year since I have seen the mandatory Dr's and it's time to get back in check..... I have a rediculous ammount of Dr appointments to make.... like the dentist which I hate and have not seen in too long to even mention .... a dermatologist, one can never be too careful with the crazy sun these days, plus we have a family history of skin cancer..... endocrinologist, another one I'm dreading because I'm pretty sure there's deeper issues there .... not to mention a general physical and blood work... it's not easy being a responsible adult these days... and if I want any ground to stand on when getting the hubs to do the same... I've gotta get current with all of my own stuff ..... so that is my focus for this day.... errrr Wednesday actually since today is long gone.... get on top of being the best (healthiest) mama to this amazing little boy !!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Make's My Monday .... My Long Lost Love

First I will surely post about my "Make's my Monday" since I have in fact fallen back in love with an old flame and am so happy that our love affair is back on . . . . and no, hubs doesn't have a worry in the world because I'm talking about my swiffer sweep vac.... (ohh how my life has changed)

I had the swiffer quite some time ago and got annoyed with the ammount of times I needed to empty it while trying to clean my downstairs. (no we aren't dirty people, we have two dogs that shed like crazy)  I went out and got your basic stick vac because I thought that I could get an easier clean with something with a bigger canister..... nope.. sucker crapped out on me within the first few times using it.... piece of JUNK!!!

I used to sweep at least every other day, but with the pregnancy nesting and my new obsession with clean floors I am a once a day sweeper now . .. and I have to admit the dogs are outside all day... only coming in to sleep at night.... but I am back in love with my long lost friend..... if you have tile, hardwoods.... I highly recommend it... makes sweeping a breeze and love the fresh smell of the swifter pads

If someone knows how I can get in touch with the genius's at Swiffer... please share :o)

I know their commercials are cheesy . . . but I am saying goodbye to my old mop and broom for good

***this post was in no way sponsored by Swiffer or any related companies, I'm just that crazy that I choose to rant and rave about a cleaning product... I just LOVE ME MY SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC!!! 

Adios Mis Amigos,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Date Day

So the hubs and I are trying to get some sort of a "date night" back into our lives. It's so easy to get completely and utterly wrapped up in the little man, and we have let our own together time suffer a lot. It's a huge adjustment having a new little life, and we have spent the better part of these first 3 months just trying to keep our heads above water. Now that we have achieved some sort of sanity, we have committed to making one day/night all about family. Time for me and my husband to reconnect and spent quality time together, some times little man comes along for the ride ... and sometimes He stays home with his grandmama.... today was a family date day and we had a blast.

We headed down town to the farmer's market. It is an amazingly fun, young, and "hip" place. Unfortunately we got there on the late side and a lot of the stands were sold out or left with the remnants of what no one else wanted, but we still had a blast. We found one stand that I know will be come our regular stop once little man is eating solids. We picked up some amazing organic peach and mango applesauce.

We had an amazingly delicious lunch @ La Gloria. . .. let me just tell you it was absolutely delish!!! It's street fare Mexican food with fresh yummy veggies and an amazing guacamole salsa that I could have literally drank with a straw....

The moral of today's date was to get out in the community and check it out.... so often we are just content staying in our little neck of the woods when there is an awesome city full of awesome sights and sounds that we have yet to explore....

Adios Mis Amigos,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Freaking Friday

Freaking Friday came about when I just needed a sounding board to vent my week full of frustrations, failures, triumphs, and insecurities..... nothing about being an accidental baby maker is easy... and let me tell you folks.... some days it's just down right scary! But the great thing about freaking friday.... is that you have two whole days to recover before it starts all over again ....... so without further adoooooo

Freaking Friday, Ohh how I love you, normally I wait with baited breath for your arrival..... but for the first time in almost 4 months.... I didn't get my booty kicked this week. It was relatively uneventful ***knock on wood***.Little man decided to nap for the last two days and I'm feeling as good as I've felt in months. Finally managed to put on some make-up the other day and noticed that the dark circles under my eyes are gone ... hoooooray !!! I feel like we are finally getting into the swing of things.... little man has taught me so much about what it means to be a mom.... and so today.... freaking friday... I salute you... I welcome you into my day... and say.... yippeee we made it through another week!!!! 

I'd say that my friends is one successful freaking Friday!!!!

On a side note and totally unrelated to anything about freaking Friday.... Wednesday night I got this crazy idea that I would trim my hair... nothing major.... we are talking about just snipping enough to take off the dead ends..... my hair WAS just below my shoulders and now its just below my ears.... yeah... so much for a trim.... the mama-in-law helped me get it evened out today .... one side was definitely shorter then the other .... and then this evening I chopped in some whispy layers.... and if I do say so myself.. which I do..... it doesn't look too stinkin' bad..... pictures to come because I can't handle not documenting the first time I managed to not totally skrew up my hair.. but tonight is not the night... I want to blow dry and see first if it really is as awesome as it appears :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude creates it's own attitude.... today I'm thankful for amazing woman in my life that have taught me how to be a strong, independent, and couragous woman. They have taught me that you should expect nothing less then love, support, and respect.

I am thankful for my my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, and Mother have all molded and shaped into who I am today. My sisters are the ones that have carried me through the craziness of my life. Pretty much my entire family is filled with amazing women.... I am truly blessed! and thankful of course :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Adios Mis Amigos,


the sunshine award
"for the blogs that add
a little sunshine to your days"

I have been really amazed at the awesome ladies (and gents) that I have met through the blogging world.... most days I use my google reader when little man naps. I love hearing and reading about everyone's craziness.. a little escape from my own reality is nice :o) and since he's only napping about 30 minutes at a time... its the perfect amount of reading

So here it is... the sunshine award. ..... given to people that add a splash of sunshine to your day

There's no requirements and while it would be really nice if you passed on the sunshine.... it's just all about saying thanks to those that help you make it through your day. . . .my picks would be . . . . . . . .drum roll please .....

free to be mommy 
she's one awesome mama who cracks me up 
Funky Mama Bird
her witty style of writing gets me every time
mommy wants vodka
seriously as if the title doesn't say it all
after the honeymoon
girl cracks me up 
reflections of a navy wife
her posts are thoughtful and beautifully written... I think she's a pretty neat chica

so there ya have it... 5 awesome blogs that I think you should check out... thanks for being the sunshine in my day

Adios Mis Amigos,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today's Tackle It Tuesday is brought to you by the letter B....

B is for Big Bird... obviously... missing the days of sesame street when life was simple, there were no life altering decisions to be made. It was a simpler time, when my biggest problem was learning to color in the lines. 

B is for boredom.... bored with studying when I know that cute adorable little man is right on the other side of my bedroom door. Thankful to have my mother-in-law here watching him, but it's so hard to concentrate when I hear all of the fun they are having... Thursday will have to be spent at the library where I can tell myself that he is home sleeping the day away and I'm not missing anything.

B is for bedroom... where I am stuck studying all day.... I'm not complaining.... happy to be in school and able to start a new career... just wish that hubs would share 5 feet of his "office" with me so that our bedroom could be a place of rest and relaxation

B is for booty... still haven't gotten back to exersizing since little mans arrival.. and it's time to whip this booty into shape.... tonight we will walk around the neighborhood .. it's a start right :o)

hmmm any other B words for ya'll..... ha.... none that would be PC so... that's it for today... thanks for sharing

Adios Mis Amigos,

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Dishwasher Debacle

Here's the thing. . . .there is a certain ammount of finesse that is required when loading the dishwasher. Woman, you know what I'm talking about. I mean... it makes sense for the cups to go in a certain place, the plates in their rightful spot, please tell me I'm not alone in my thinking.  

Hubs was super awesome yesterday and cleaned up the kitchen while I was busy cleaning out the garage. I love this man to death. He is truly the love of my life. I can not imagine anyone else standing next to me through the crazy journey called Life.

This morning, I go into the kitchen for my morning ritual. Gulp down a mug of coffee, make little man's morning bottle, and empty the dishwasher so that it can be filled up throughout the day. 

I open the dishwasher and a  serving spoons falls out... that should have been my first clue. What in the world !?!??! remember when you were a kid and had to clean your room.... you jammed the mess under your bed, in your closet, and other other empty spaces available. This is kind of the idea of what I saw. I wish I could have taken a picture to show you the absolute disaray that was the pots, pans, plates, cups. But my phone was dead.

Not only was there no rhyme or reason, but he put things in with crusty food ... everyone knows you have to rinse before loading.... bless his heart.... he may be a husband, father, successful business man. But he is still that 9 year old little boy stuffing his mess away. So the entire contents got emptied and scrubbed in the sink, and then reloaded and rewashed.

Babe, I love you, thank you for cleaning up the kitchen! 

Adios Mis Amigos,

Makes my Monday

Haven't done a "makes my Monday" in a while because I honestly haven't come across anything that really makes my life wonderful . . .. but today was a day of the Moby Wrap... seriously.... little man loves it.. from the second his chunky monkey legs get into place he is the happiest most content baby .... he mostly sleeps... but even when he is wide awake he is just calm and peaceful and taking in the sights and sounds of this new found perspective..... and since he loves it so much... and they retail for almost $40.00 I decided I needed to have a few back ups .... but needed to save as much mullah as possible since I'm trying to stay home full time with him.... so I made my own....

honestly.... its about 5 yards of material... something stretchy and "breathable" ..... cut about 2 feet wide.... I like to have extra to spread out and around my arms and his little chubbyness..... so.... now... after much cutting and an attempting hem job.. (dont waste your time) I have 4 wraps... and depending on my mood or the weather... it's nice for a girl to have some choices .... if you dont have one... I highly suggest it.. but save the money and make your own

Adios Mis Amigos,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Siesta Sundays

There is nothing in the world that I love more then a quiet Sunday morning spent with the most adorable boys I know (hubs and little man) . . . some yummy blueberry pancakes and a steaming hot cup of coffee did the trick.

I was all about having a lazy relaxing day, a family day, spent enjoying each others company and doing nothing except what we wanted to do. . . .my rediculous urge to organize did not cooperate.

With little man's first morning nap, I went into the linen closet to grab a clean towell and before I knew it the entire closet was emptied out and I was refolding its entire contents and organizing each self!!!

for his afternoon nap I went out into the garage to throw away the recycling (I'm super proud of myself and my new recycling ways) and realized the garage was a mess.... before I knew it.. the entire contents was out in the driveway and I had bitten off entirely more then I could chew

all in the freaking hot 97degrees San Antonio Heat !!!! Yikes.... to say I'm exhausted is an understatement... sitting here on the couch ... not moving a muscle afraid that some other horror of disorganization will catch my eye and I'll be forced to do something else

so much for a siesta ..... maybe next week

Adios Mis Amigos,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

inspiration station

I used to consider myself a fairly creative person . ..  not super crafty, or artistic... but in general just creative.

I used to paint for fun, doing inspiring projects and come up with crazy ideas for decorating my place.

I don't know if it's just one more thing that has changed or been lost. Maybe its lack of energy, stamina, or perhaps that part of my brain was sucked out by little man. I have lost it. I tried to come up with some fun and funky ideas for decorating our new place and nothing came to me. I logged on line thinking maybe seeing some others creative ideas would stir up the pot a little... I got N.O.T.H.I.N.G!

In an attempt to get some of my creative mojo back . . . I'm surrounding my workspace with things that inspire . . . and this got me thinking . .. . see... its working already :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Freaking Friday

 Friday how I love you. 

Most weeks I could take you or leave you. But today my dear friend, you signal the end of a week that has been one heck of a week. I am literally counting down the hours until you are no more and the weekend is finally here... today .....freaking friday!!!! I heart you!!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday . . . .ELECTRICITY I LOVE YOU!!!

Last night we had a dooosie of a storm (not really sure if that is how you spell dooosie but spell check was no help). Anyway.. back to the storm from hell....

it came out of nowhere... literally one second the sky is bright and sunny, birds are chirping there is a slight breeze blowing... I literally went into the bedroom and when I came back out it was like a scene out of a movie ... the sky turned black, the birds flew like the dickens out of here and there were hurricane force winds sending leaves, tree branches and various backyard items flying across our patio.

Hubs called and said "think you better gather up the flashlights looks like this is gonna be a good one".

We hung up and literally as if on ques the lights go out !!! hail starts pelting our sliding glass door and I enter into a full fledged panic. I've never been a huge fan of storms.. but never have they caused anxiety like this. I'm almost 100% sure that its because of little man.... and my "mama bear" instinct to protect him.  So here we are .... sitting in the dark, staring at each other... me in my head trying to figure out 1.)where the heck are the flashlights 2.) how the heck was I going to find them in the pitch black darkness

By this time my hyperventilation has kicked in and little man is crying because the thunder is so loud and crazy scary... I'm not gonna lie.. I thought about crying too... all I could imagine was some crazy tornado coming ripping through our house and little man and I getting carried away never to be seen again (OVER EXAGGERATOR I KNOW)

so .... long story even longer... I eventually trip find my way to the flashlights and secure little man and I in the hall way (no windows to be scared by the lightening and the quietest place to get away from the thunder)

hubs arrives home to save us !!! we wait out the storm until it passes and then head out to walmart to purchase a butt load of candles/flashlights to hold us over until the electricity gets reconnected.

all in all ... it was about 5 hours without power.. but as soon as that sucker came back I realized that I was meant to live in this era... never would have survived the pioneer days ... and certainly would have been an outcast in Amish country 

Adios Mi's Amigos,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wordless wednesday . . .

I don't know what it is about the beach, ocean, sand, and the colors that are apart of it all but it just does something to my soul. It refreshes, calms, and inspires me. 

Adios Mis Amigos,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tackle it Tuesday

My to do list is beyond the point of crazy . . . but today's focus was the little things...this has not always been the story of my life... but since getting pregnant and definitely now that I have little man... dust grosses me out, dirty floors drive me insane... and if the bathroom is messy... I'm in need of a prozac...  seriously.... gets me crazy.... I have never been known as a clean freak, and honestly, I'm sure it can't last because it takes a serious amount of time and energy to keep the surfaces clean and the floors "pet hair tumbleweed" free... and with a husband that hasnt seemed to grasp the concept of a hamper I am forever picking up, cleaning up, and wiping things down.... but .... its so worth it.. at the end of the day.. with the fresh sent of fabuloso (amazing smelling cleaning product that is the new love of my life) lofting through the house... knowing that we are as "germ free" as we can possible be, because in 30 seconds something is sure to get dirty again.... its a good feeling

crazy is as crazy does I do believe

Adios Mis Amigos,