Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making a rental a home

We have had one awesome summer. I am sad to say it's coming to an end around our casa. But the great news about summer closing down is that all of our furniture from Texas is coming up!

After 6 months of living in a condo with borrowed furniture and belongings we will finally have our own stuff! My lovely sofa, the dining room table  I love. All of my family pictures and paintings. I am so excited to stop feeling like we are squatting in our landlord's property and make this place our HOME.

To say I have been obsessed with how I'm going to decorate is a massive understatement! I have been designing and redesigning. I created our floor plan online and have arranged our furniture in every position imaginable. I can not wait!

Part of all of this has led me to working on some prints I have wanted to get done . . . random quotes, songs, ect that I will be putting up in the frames that are coming ;o)

This is the song I sing to Little Man each and every night . . . the first verse is the well known "you are my susnhine" except I changed the last line because "please don't take my sunshine away" sounded to sad as I was singing it to my 3 day old new born baby.... "my love won't ever go away" made my crazy postpartum self feel much better. :o)

 While in my sleep deprived dementia I made up a whole second verse and it stuck ! So that will be in a 2nd frame both centered above the rocking chair in little mans room.

I have had this idea in my head for almost a year, was going to get it printed for my husband for our 4 year anniversary. We are celebrating our 5th anniversary on the 1st of September. So I cam going to copy this over in a large scale print for above our bed 

I am printing both of these on canvases to put at his eye level . . . 
hoping it will help us BOTH to nail down our morning and bedtime routines

 I am so happy to be able to finally feel like our house is our home, at least for the next year and half :o) There is just something about having sentimental things hung on the walls that make any 4 walls feel like love.

Adios Mis Amigos,