Monday, January 24, 2011

Just..... One..... More..... Thing

Friends, I'm walking a fine line. And no, nothing scandalous, dangerous, or even fun.  I'm talking about multitasking. I feel like I'm drowning. Every day I wake up with the delightful vision of sipping on coffee while making my daily to do list. Spending some time snuggling on the couch with little man while we watch teh view and he sips his bottle. Gracefully going through my day, checking things off one by one. And then sitting at the end of my day with a delicious drink, unwinding and enjoying time with my husband.

Now for my reality: wake up to coffee grinds all over my counter because the stupid coffee pot has overflowed yet again. Drink the coffee anyway because I'm THAT desperate for a jolt to wake up. Why am I so desperate that I would drink coffee with grinds floating around in it. Because little man was up 3 different times last night and with those wake up calls I've managed to get in about 3 hours of solid sleep. While I"m sipping on the grinds , and cleaning the first mess of the day, I hear little man begin to awaken in his crib. I freeze. As if somehow, standing still in the kitchen will help him lull back to sleep for just a few more minutes. WRONG. Enter the blood wrenching scream. Translation. Get me outta here N.O.W. and this is just my first 10 minutes with my eyes open. The rest of the day continues, if I'm lucky I can get a load of laundry started (not dried but at least it's started). Keep my son from dying, and somehow maintain an ounce of grace.

I've got about a million balls up in the air. And I'm just now realizing I never learned how to juggle. And then it hits me. So what if nothing gets done today. Everything will be there tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow, little man will have had a better night sleep, I'll be more rested, maybe may day won't start off with a headache. Maybe???

So for now. I'm sticking the list on the fridge, letting all the balls drop right where they are, and sweeping up little man in my arms to snuggle .

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. Big breaths, maybe a nice glass of wine.....they will get older and live. Thanks for following me :) and commenting today.

  2. Thanks for following... you do know that I have been following you for a while now right?

  3. I saw you post on my sister's blog about her entry today (she commented above). I read yours ...and shared it with my husband! He's at home with our toddler (full time) and feels the same way you do today. Our little boy (21 mos) didn't sleep well last night and hubby is feeling the pain of the cranky toddler and little sleep for himself..once again...

    He's an awesome husband for staying at home with our son. He sometimes doesn't realize that I do appreciate it. :) I Do. It's hard work!

    Enjoy the cuddles and hope it's better tomorrow.


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