Thursday, June 2, 2011

Full time mama

I've been toying with idea of going back to work. Not because I want to. In fact it's the furthest thing from want to. . . The idea of leaving little man makes me beyond sad. I know Ive been spoiled rotten the past 15 months. Many parents can not even consider staying home. I have witnessed the first rolling, the first smiles, and all of the other firsts !
So the hubs and I have been back and forth ... weighing the pros and cons of being home vs. Going back to work.... I would hate not being here with little man... missing our snuggles .... our afternoons together .... watching him learn and discover new and amazing things. But I would really love having a bit of flexibility in our expenses.
I started writing down on paper what exactly I do with my day... trying to figure out how much of that would have to be done by other people if I was working.  We also took a look at our monthly expenses and tried to figure out what could be cut... we are living with family ... so we are saving rent ... and I looked at our grocery bill.  In an attempt to save as much mullah as possible I've begun couponing. In the past two months of being serious about it
I've managed to save an average of 50% at every shopping trip. So instead of our weekly groceries costing $150... we are averaging about $75
Its nothing major.  . . .but every little bit helps :) so f

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