Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Makes my Monday- Handpainted signs

 Makes my Monday is a day late..... but it's because I've been so busy painting :o) 

I may be the crazy sign lady. . . . You know that lady... the one who's every surface is covered in some sort of quote, funny saying, or just plain ramblings. I don't know what it is, but lately, but I'm obsessed. Perhaps it's the idea of having a whole new place to decorate (we are moving in two weeks). My head is overflowing with ideas and I finally got some of them finished.

I mean, come on, what about that doesn't inspire you to be a better person, be thankful for all that God's blessed you with . . . It HAS to be hung in your house RIIIIGHT????? 

Below are the ones I have made over the course of the last few days/weeks.

"you are my sunshine" was painted on a scrap piece of wood I had laying around.  It's the song we sing every night before bed, and it's going above his bed in his new big boy room.

To the right is his birth announcement that I blew up and painted onto some scrap piece of foam board. I have a bright stark white frame that is going around that baby!

"home" sign is going to go into our new place, not sure where yet, but it's just symbolic to us, since we have rented homes and it doesn't really matter where we live, so as long as we are together.

And finally the "thankful" sign was also hand painted onto another piece of board I had laying around.  Still working on the frame and matting for that puppy.

If you can scrounge up some scraps , it's a super inexpensive way to get a great finished project. 

Now how to do it. . . .. I used to be terrified of hand painting text.

I could never figure out a quick and easy way to get the text onto the material and have it all lined up and looking exactly how I planned it.

Until Pinterest came along. I have searched high and low for the original inspiration. But can't find it.

Basically it was a quote that she loved and wanted hand painted onto a board for her bedroom.

Step one: find the quote that you love.

Step two: type it up on your computer. Pick the font, size and shape you want.

Step three: Print the text

Step four: trace the text onto the material your using. Press really hard depending on the wood/material.

Step five: Follow the tracings with your paint and your good to go....

Seriously, it's that easy, it takes a pretty steady hand so go light on the coffee and make sure your in good lighting.

now what kind of quotes are you going to think up!

Adios Mis Amigos,

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