Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thankfullness Catch Up!!!

As is the normal flow of my life . . . I am behind and playing catch up. I have posted daily to my personal facebook page but have not had the time to sit at the computer and get it up on my blog. I need to find a way to make all of my social life sync :o)
None the less, I am thankful . . ..

Day #1  I am thanking God for his protection over my family. There are 30 some family members here in New Jersey who's lives could have been turned upside down in the storm. Not only is everyone here and healthy, but our homes were all spared from destruction. Our biggest issue was lack of electricity for 48 hours, and even that is something to be thankful for as there are still so many going on almost 5 days of no power.

Day #2: I am thankful that God knew better then I did. I had so many plans for my life. Some he has humored me and allowed me to try, only to bring me back to Him. Other things were completely 100% HIM. I signed up for an online "match" despite my fears, hesitations, and complete disbelief that anyone found anyone online. My husband of 5 years found me !  He is truly my partner in life. My best friend, no one can make me laugh the way he can. Sure we fight and drive each other crazy, but there is absolutely no one that I would rather share my life with.

 Day 3 Today I am thankful for not only my 5 sisters here in NJ that have become my best friends but my two sisters in Texas that I love to pieces . Though the miles separate us I know they love my son to pieces and would be here for us in a heartbeat if needed. Love you ladies!!!

 Day 4 Today I thank God for our family near and far. Thankful that our cousins have turned into some of our best friends. That our aunts and uncles love us and have always been here for us. Thankful that our Grandparents and.Great Grandparents instilled in us a sense of family. they loved us and taught us that no matter what family sticks together!

 Day 5  I know I already mentioned my sisters but I have to say that few things make my heart happier then watching my three younger sisters love and spoil my son. I have spent the last 22 years loving and watching them grow into amazing ladies and now it makes my heart smile watching them be amazing aunties and great sisters!

 Day 6 I thank God that I am raising my son in this country. when many fear for their lives we are free to believe and live as we feel we should. I thank God for all of the lives that have been spent protecting our freedom And those who are still serving to protect us.

 Day 7 . . . I am thankful for all of the ways that God has provided for our family. That my husband has a job when many are searching. We have a roof over our head when many have lost theirs. Our fridge, freezer, and pantry are full when many are hungry. No matter what the political position we all have a reason to give thanks today!

Gratitude Creates it's own attitude.... whatever your situation there is always something to be thankful for

"Today I am FORTUNATE to be alive. I am a precious human life. I will not waste it! "
Adios Mis Amigos,


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