Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pass the lyson

One word: stomach bug! ! !

I swear that hubs and I had a verbal agreement while dating that when we adopted our gorgeous first child (remember I was never going to get pregnant?!?!) I would handle everything, diapers, rashs, feedings and appointments, the only thing he would have to do is handle big kid vomit, because .... I .... just .... can't. I CAN'T !!!!!

This past Saturday my little man was attacked by the latest stomach bug that has hit his Kindergarten class. I'm putting on my best "mama's got you" face, while trying not to be sick right on top of him. The whole time, hubs is covering his face laughing, knowing how horrible it was for me!!!!

After the 2nd round of barf buckets he finally jumped in when I had to tap out!!!!

All that to say, have a written agreement set in stone, maybe have it framed and put under glass to keep it safe and sound for such a situation as this !

Adios Mis Amigos,

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