Monday, May 21, 2012

Do over . . . .day 8

 Day 8

I have been really bad at updating my do over. . . part of that is because I'm working on spending less time online during little man's awake hours. . . really concentrating on our preschool activities. By the time he is in bed for the night, I'm exhausted and can't even muster up the energy to write.

I will say the weight loss is going great . . . 8 pounds down and we are on day 8 . . . the biggest part of all of this is getting into the habit of making healthy choices in every aspect of my life. Healthy choices with food,  time management, and every day life.

I've realized that you truly have to be conscious of every choice. How easy it is for me to jump to frustration or irritation . . . instead I'm making an conscious choice to choose patience and flexibility. Instead of spending 30 minutes on facebook browsing, I'm choosing to go gather up laundry and get a load started and listening for the end of the cycle to change it over . . . little tiny changes, that make a BIG difference in my life, my son's life, and our family.

I feel less frazzled, more organized and just generally happier. 
All in all..... a good thing

So today, dayis Amigos, All

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