Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Houston We Have a Crawler!!!!

WoW it is amazing what occurs when a man is left alone for 5 weeks. Crazy what a man will do and live with when left to his own free will.I like to think that I have helped my husband grow and mature in many ways. One of the ways I was... key word = W.A.S. proud of him was his ability to keep the house orderly. Sure I was the one that established the organization and systems to keep "everything in it's place" . . . but he was really making leaps and bounds compared to what he used to be before we got married.

Well friends, as I'm sure any of you can attest to... you really can never change a man. I was gone for 5 weeks. Roughly 35 days. . . and in those 35 days the hubs managed to successfully undo pretty much every single system of organization that I had established.

It has taken me rough two weeks to undo all that was done... and clean the house from top to bottom. Not that the hubs is a dirty person... he just simply didn't clean in 5 weeks. So there was 5 weeks worth of dirty and grime on the floors. (I sweep and mop every other day) 5 weeks worth of nastyness in the tub, toilets, and bedroom. (this is a daily "tidy up") so I have literally gone room by room getting my house back in order. . . . . I'm exhausted!!!!!

While in the midst of trying to clean, de-junkify, and organize the chaos that was my house, little man has finally figured out how to coordinate his little chunky limbs and crawl. Of course I'm happy that he has reaches this noteworthy milestone. . . I'm thrilled that he has been able to coordinate his efforts and is finally able to get all of the things that he has been whiny for. . . . but... that means... he has access to EVERYTHING!!!

well... it's really more of a scoot, pull, thrust kind of motion... but it is moving foward (he used to only go in reverse) and he is QUICK!!!! I mean.... sit him down and turn around and he is across the family room .... quick.... and no... my house is not baby proofed.

Not a single outlet is covered... chord hidden away.... nothing.

So I guess he really is doing me a service... you see... I just follow him around the house... and wait for him to get into something dangerous...and then fix it... things that I never thought in a million years would be a problem for him.... voila he is into :o)

so on that note... While he is napping I'm off to attempt to vacuum and pick up all  pieces and hazardous materials that are all over my house :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

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