Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shots Stink

So after sticking it out with our recommended pediatrician I finally had enough and decided to make the switch. I asked around to the few people I know around here and tried out the new one last week. She is awesome. Super great, spent tons of time talking with us. Getting to know little man (my biggest complaint of the old office was that the Dr could never be bothered spending time with us). She played with him. Checked him out from top to bottom and over all.... I was thrilled !!!! She spent time talking to us, getting to know us, and our parenting style... which meant a lot to me. Most Dr's are in and out but she took the time and totally won us over. 

One problem. They don't split up the vaccines. I told her my concerns and we talked it through and I realized that now at the age of 6 months. . . .he probably is okay to go ahead with the dose. I mean... I wasn't 100% thrilled with the idea, but I loved her so much!!!  They didn't have his record from the old office (another huge complaint) so I was able to buy some time and think it through.

We went back yesterday and little man got the full dose of his 6 months vaccines. yes we are late, being out of town and what not, he is turning 8 months this month. So one dropper in the mouth and three jabs in the leg.... he was done.

Well... he is a mess... yesterday afternoon, evening, and this morning he has been a super whiny fussy baby. Which is just not him. Praying to God that it passes quickly and he is back to himself soon. Any one else doing delayed vaccines??? Those of you who are sticking to the schedule??

in the mean time... I could resist.... this was taken before the shots showing off his crazy amount of teeth (6 up top and two down below)

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. We stuck to the schedule, and he was a mess each time for a few days. I want to say the 12 month set were the worst, but now we are done except for one shot at 18 months and then no more until age 4. So yeah, it sucks, but you get them over with and then don't have to worry about them anymore.

    Glad to hear you found a doctor you like - I swear that is half the battle!

  2. We worked with the doctor to create an alternate schedule. They get no more than 2 vaccines in a visit and at least 2 weeks in between shots. Yes, we are behind. It's ok. They will get all their shots in time to start school even if we decide to homeschool.

    I know that most kids are perfectly fine with the CDC schedule. I know that they are normally just not themselves after for a few days. I'm just not willing to go that route. Yes, we do have fussies here for about a day even with the delayed vax schedule.

    I don't use a pediatrician. I had to make a decision very quickly on a doctor right after moving across the country just before I delivered my first. A few friends had horror stories from their pediatricians. Growing up, we had a pedi for awhile then just went to a family doc. For us now, I chose the doc my OB recommended the highest - a DO family doctor. My only complaint is the wait time to get in to see her. She is just fantastic and open to more natural remedies, breastfeeding, cosleeping, and alternate vaccinations.

    It is great that you found a doc you love. It is YOUR child though, so she should be willing to consider an alternate schedule especially after you've already tried it her way and had a less-than-stellar outcome. She may come around. Good luck!


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