Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Spaces, New Places (makes my monday)

We are all unpacked (unpacked being a relative term) and settled (settled also being relative) in our new place. Amazing how I thought it was tough two years ago moving with a 4 month old. HA! Moving with a two year old takes the cake.... Every thing I would pack, organize, unpack, and arrange he would come through like a stampeding tornado and un-do. Good thing he's cute!!!

We downsized here in Jersey, going from over 1,800sq.ft. down to a little less then 1,200sq.ft. So we are getting creative with storage, organization, and functionality.

One solution meant getting rid of our sons ginormous playhouse pirate ship. (he loved it!) But there just isn't room and even if we could make room for him to set it up and play it in, we definitely do not have the storage for it when it's not in use. So the solution.... 

A Sheet Play fort. . . . he is entertained, I can get stuff done, and it folds flat and gets stored in our linen closet when not in use!

My inspiration . . . yet again came from Pinterest. . . .  "my must do DIY for the kids" . . . . specifically this little genius ( folding table house) .... it has been in my dreams ... literally.... I dream of making a kick butt version for little man (picture post office on one side, ice cream shop on the other, yes it will be great!!!) But that creation is looking like hours and hours spent sewing, cutting, and figuring out, this one.... 30 minutes, with a two year old helping!!!!  best of all... NO SEWING!!!

It reminds me of an old cardboard box fort, but with a sheet :o)

Works for me, and best of all... he's been happily playing for over an HOUR!!!!! score for this mama!!!!

Materials. . .. Flat sheet (I used King size) , scissors, paper clips (hold the door in place) and Markers.

in case this makes sense to someone... the pink dots are cut lines.... sometimes a picture is all I need to figure something out :o)

I laid the flat sheet over the table and lined up the one side (Quique's Casa) making sure that it just touched the ground . . ..

I then went down to the Semi Circle end and made sure that touched the ground.


Then I went back with the snappy paper clip things (their technical name I'm not sure) and clipped everything before cutting. (my grandfathers words of wisdom measure twice cut once) glad I did, because with the help of my assistant it had become totally uneven and I had to realign and clip again....

 I had to trim the other long side, (two windows) so that it just touched the ground. (cut off about a foot of extra length.)

Next came the window cutting. I first drew out what I was thinking in washable markers, figuring that if I messed up big time I could wash it and try again. . . .luckily nothing major went wrong, so I just cut inside the lines. . . .

VOILA ......

and of course we had to get his house all "settled" first order of business, a window flower box for Mommy

A welcome sign, to welcome all of our friends to the house warming party :o)

Stanley (ginormous monkey), Blue Dog and Pooh
were a few to RSVP

 and best of all Quique LOVES IT!!!!!

Adios Mis Amigos, ...

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