Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday . . . SUPER POWERS!!!!

Today is Thursday and we spent the A.M. Snuggled up on the couch. . . we have been potty training (well me running him to the potty every 20 minutes). To say it's been tough on our relationship is a massive understatement. I came to the realization that I AM ready to be done with diapers but he is not. I was pushing and pushing telling myself that he is so smart, so perceptive, surely he can do this. . . . he is a boy. He loves to play, he loves to use his imagination and that often means being so caught up in what he is playing with that running to the potty, or even realizing he has to go at all is just not an possible at this point... he'll get there, I know . . . but in his own time... not MINE! 

Soooooo I realized we need to spend some time enjoying this phase we are in . . . playing, using our imaginations and what better way to do that then to be SUPER HERO's. What does every super hero need???? a personalized cape of course!!!!

My first step in any creative idea is to check pinterest, ( I know, I'm obsessed right?!?!) sure enough I found a great tutorial and started there for inspiration (great site for inspiration  )

Here is my take on the project . . .

Supplies :
1.  A t-shirt (one of hubbies driving you crazy with stains ??? that's what I used)
2. Scraps for personalizing (I used cut off portions of the t-shirt and an old tank top )
3. Sewing machine or make this a new sew and use fabric glue where I sew

First: Cut out your cape

I laid the t-shirt on our table and smoothed it out . . . it's stretchy (and this is by no means exact) but just smooth as best you can . . . I used the shirts natural seams as my guided....(make sure you lift up the top layer so your only cutting the front of the shirt and not the back )

 So I cut across the top seam (the one that runs along your shoulders and then down around the neck ). . . I left about 1/4 inch of room from the seam just to make sure I wouldn't snip the seam . . . . Your cutting on the front side of the seam . . . meaning that you want to make sure the seam and back of the shirt are what's left ...  (you want the full neck to stay together)

    not sure if this helps or makes it more confusion (I'll take better pictures all along the way next time!!!) but the pink shows the cut area ....

Next I flipped the shirt over and smoothed it out  ... I tried to picture what I wanted the general shape of the cape to be and drew it out with washable marker. . . .

Second : Personalize

You can go as detailed and crazy as you'd like... but your little super hero will probably be just as happy with a plain cape... This mama loves personalizing :o)

 I used the scraps of the t-shirt to cut out the "E" . . . . I found an old yucky tank top laying around and decided that would be the perfect background for the "E" could either sew it on with a machine or use fabric glue

 Finallly I added a quick seam along the edges, not sure how the T-Shirt would frey with washing and the use and abuse that is sure to follow..... it's not perfect by any means.... but it gets the job done :o)

After trying it on him I realized that my husbands shirt neck was way too big and caused the cape to drape too much in the back... I snipped in the center of the front and did a quick cross seam cutting the neck hole about 1/4 of what it was... now it sits better on his shoulders and is big enough to stretch over his head :o) (he has a big mellon) ... you could also use felcro, snaps, buttons... whatever you have on hand
What a great little super hero he makes!!!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

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