Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday . . . terrible two's

 Thankful Thursdays . . . Gratitude creates it's own attitude 

Today's post was inspired by my son. He is two. I'm not sure why the two's have recieved such a bad rap. . . .perhaps because it's when the children start to voice their issues. You, as the mom want to put on green shoes and he wants his blue shoes... Let the tantrum begin. Your in the grocery store and for "no reason at all" the once sweet little girl that melted your heart has turned into a demon monster screaming at the top of her lungs because you won't get her the sugery suger sweets cereal she wants. 

My son is not terrible.....  Not really terrible, okay sometimes terrible.... but today, I'm seeing he is just really passionate. Perhaps it's my husbands latino blood running through his veins....  
Every single thing that happens is a big deal! 

 If he is happy, he is all smiles, giggles and laughing from the depths of his belly. When he is sad, he is genuinely heartbroken. Huge crocodile tears stream down his face. If he is nervous or scared by something his blood curdling screams will be sure to clue you in. 

He feels everything to his core. I pray that this never goes away. 

How many times as adults do we slap on a happy face despite the crocodile tears that are welling up inside. How many times do we get frustrated and upset over the little things and tell ourselves they are no big deal? 

Today, I'm thankful for the reminder that nothing is too little, too small, or insignificant enough to capture my emotions. And that each and every day I should take whatever it is that I'm feeling and allow it to be felt to my core!

Adios Mis Amigos,

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