Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I want it .....Wednesday

Okay, so I'm working on creating weekly topics that will allow me to post daily and share a little about myself  while also getting to know my readers. It will also allow me to change up the topics a bit so that you don't have to listen to me rant and rave about my precious amazing baby boy every post :o) Even though I did use him in every picture :o)

I don't have every day figured out just yet but am feeling like " I want it Wednesdays" are a good start.

Today I want . . . an awesome back massage. I know its a simple request. Ever since the epidural I have been having crazy back issues. I can not say for sure that it was the Epidural alone but ever since coming home from the hospital there has been something going on back there. At first it was just pins and needles, then it progressed to a dull achy pain that would creep up after sleeping wrong or sitting in an uncomfortable position. Now it seems that no matter what I do I can't get rid of it. Thinking of resorting to one of my hubs muscle relaxers tomorrow night when he is on baby duty unless the pain gets better. The crazy thing is that I never had back problems before. Sure pregnancy gave me random aches and pains, but they were nothing a good hot bath couldn't fix. Now I'm walking around like a little old lady, grabbing my back any time the pain strikes . . . so today, I want a kick butt back massage :o)

Now its part of the getting to know my readers section . . . what do you want today? ? it can be anything, something fun and exciting, something simple or luxurious. Just cause you say you want it doesn't mean its going to randomly show up on your door... sometimes its nice to be able to say the desires of your heart out loud...  Let's be serious, as a mom sometimes just being able to go to the bathroom by yourself is a treat :o)

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  1. I would like a week of being at home by myself to work on projects, clean, straighten, empty my inbox, work on my new home business, watch the TV shows I want to watch, read a new bestseller, have my own bottle of Diet Coke. I don't want much, do I?????

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