Monday, March 29, 2010

Make My Monday . . .

Okay so Mondays stink, even now that I have no official job to go to, I still don't like them. It's the first day of the week, hubs heads back to work so I am flying solo and I just can't seem to get it together. Don't know what it is- I hate Mondays- so my personal goal is to find something that rocks my socks. Something that will distract me from the misery of Monday and cheer me up.

Last week was a massage, and low and behold the hubs picked me up Saturday and took me to my favorite little spot-- All About Me Spa.  It's a fantastic, small, family owned spa in Helotes, Texas. If your anywhere near Bandera and 1604 in San Antonio, Texas, please check it out. They are reasonably priced compared to the run of the mill nail places (you know the ones I'm talking about) Everyone there speaks English, which I personally love. And the service is wonderful!!! All of their technicians are awesome and every single service I have ever gotten has been wonderful.

On another note we found out that we have 45 days to find a new place to live. One of the down falls of renting privately. So now we are working on packing up and organizing yard sales to get rid of all of the junk we don't need. There is sure to be crazy madness around this casa for at least the next 45 days and can only imagine how crazy our days will be in the new house getting everything organized and sorted. So what will make my Monday marvelous?

Today, its a bacon cheeseburger.... not in my "post baby" get in shape diet... but every once in a while a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Yummy ... waiting anxiously for hubs to get home with my yummy goodness and for tomorrow to be another day :o)

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