Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want it Wednesday

So today's post is really more of a rant.... one of those letters I'll never send only instead I'm posting for the world wide web to read, ha.

Poor little man's tummy was a mess today. We switched formulas on Saturday... long story short, trying to not bore you with the details.. day one went great... day two was alright. and today being day 3 was awful. Now I feel like a terrible mother for trying to save a buck at the cost of my poor little man's tummy. Here's my rant. . . simplify things for us already!!! First time mom's or even mom's with 18 kids and counting could all use a little help. I wish that we didn't have to have a bachelor's degree in research in order to figure out what formula's have what in them . . .and honestly, if I hadn't called my Dr to ask what I should use I would have absolutely no clue... and once you throw the generic formulas into the mix... forget about it.... so please.. world... if your listening, help a baby maker out and simplify things !

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