Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday and a Raccoon :o)

Gratitude creates it's own attitude. Boy do I need a new attitude this evening (written Wednesday night). So instead of focusing on the absolute mayhem of today. I'm writing my thankful Thursday early to try to get my head and more importantly my heart in the right place.

Today I am thankful for God giving each of us a sense of humor. No two people are the same in what tickles their funny bone. For some its a dry sense of humor, others sarcastic, for me. . .its random.

I truly believe that you can either laugh or cry. When I find myself having a moment to choose (sometimes the tears just happen) --I chose laughter. Although sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered. Today, I chose to laugh.

I found myself with a screaming baby. Poor little mister was adjusting to a new formula and spent the better part of 48 hours in my arms or crying. The two dogs, Rocky and Zoey,  had just been attacked by a raccoon, and that very same raccoon was laying half dead on my back patio. I spent the next 5 hours getting tossed back and forth from one glorious department of San Antonio to the next. Non of which handled my specific situation.

If the raccoon, who I lovingly named "pain in my butt" PIMB for short, was doing better and could potentially "make it" then the Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation department would have come and rescued him, but since poor little PIMB was on deaths door they didn't handle it. Animal control didn't handle raccoons apparently they are too "risky" with the threat of Rabies and other Communicable diseases. Sure of course, lets leave that same "too risky" animal on my back porch. They referred me to the Game Warden who conveniently wasn't in his office the 10 times I called. With each and every phone call I am finding myself in complete disbelief. I started to loose track of the offices I was calling. For instance apparently the city of San Antonio has a Predatory Animals department. Surely they could handle one whimpy little raccoon. Ohh no, not so fast, a raccoon is not considered predatory, despite the high risk of infection of scary diseases. At this point I thought for sure I had to be on an episode of Punked... surely Ashton Kutcher would be popping out of my pantry at any moment. Not so lucky. Finally, the very first person I had spoken with was the one that was indeed supposed to handle it. She had tried to pass it off, sent me on a while goose chase, and low and behold 5 hours later, I had finally found out how to get rid of little PIMB. 

So the day ended, the Hubs came and picked up the dogs to take them in for a mandatory Rabies booster. We'll know by Friday if PIMB is infected with anything else, at which point the dogs will have to get various follow up shots. Until then they are quarantined to their crates or the backyard which is A-Ok with me.

A good friend came over with her little man and we spent the evening wrapped up in the cuteness of our baby boys. The perfect ending to a not so perfect day, but a great ending non the less.

~Accidental Baby Maker

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  1. Yes, the ending of your story was great!


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