Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I hate Elmo

I know I know. . . .who hates a cute adorable little red munchkin. A little muppet that brings joy and happiness to millions of children..... THIS GIRL!!! I don't know if it's his voice. His inability to mature past the age of 2? I can't nail it down. . . I just can't stand him!!! and guess what.... my son is IN LOVE.

He cracks up at the very first sight of him. The other day we were going about our business, and before I could grab the remote to change the channel, the annoying red monster was on our screen, singing and dancing and little man was laughing that deep belly laugh that warms my soul. He was in a state of happiness I have not seen in weeks. He's teething, congested, and cranky, so this mama was desperate. I tried muting the t.v. to see if he would enjoy it without that annoying little voice....and no such luck. I would go out into the kitchen but little man would crawl behind me crying the whole way. The only thing that would make him happy. Sitting and snuggling with mama, watching Elmo. . . .

So now the question arises.... how long until this mama goes clinically insane... or will he eventually grow on me ??? only time will tell

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. My kid is terrified of Elmo. Of all the monsters, actually, but Elmo the most. I also can't say that I do anything to dissuade him of this fear, either, since I can't stand him myself!

  2. Gaahhh! I wish my daughter would prefer Elmo over the Yo Gabba Gabba freaks....!

  3. my daughter loved elmo too, but it didn't last longer than a few months and then she was over him.

  4. Your son will outgrow Elmo before you know it. Try to stick it out! :)


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