Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Quest to Rock... Seriously this time

It's a standard running joke in this marriage about my uncanny ability to start a million and one things and finish exactly 1 of them.

In the over three and a half years we have been married, my to do list has contained some pretty hefty goals. I can count on one hand.. nope ... don't even need a whole hand to count the things I've finished. (not counting little man obviously because I was kind of a spectator to all of that, luckily my body took over and there was not a darn thing I could do about that one :o)

Here, in my happy land of blogging, I started a quest and I'm determined to Rock it!!!

It's my Quest for domesticity. I want to be an awesome wife, mom and housewife.

I want to be that girl that has dinner ready when hubs walks in the door. Has a weekly schedule that includes laundry, cleaning, and story time at the library. I want to and need to get things written down and organized. I'm a list maker. I need a plan, direction, and encouragement in order to stay on task.... perhaps that means I'm 4 years old???

Lately, I've been lucky to find anything resembling a balanced meal to feed little man. I really want him eating healthy and nutritious meals. I've been trying to limit the processed, "kid" entrapment that was my childhood of mac n cheese and chicken nuggets. Not to say it doesn't happy when I'm desperate, but I would like for it to be a rarity instead of a regular occurrence.

So.... part of this is creating a weekly/monthly meal plan. I feel like it will only do great things for this baby maker. So today's task.... getting the "tools" together. Creating  a set arsenal of meals (healthy, EASY, yummy things I can make) and setting up a weekly/monthly calendar where we don't get sick of the things I can make.

Anyone else do a meal plan? do you fly from the seat of your pants? order take out? any tips or tricks to offer this newbie???

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. Not that I am an expert in this area (SOOO am not) but I've noticed that my daughter eats healthiest when she has lots of options in front of her. Like, she'll get the chicken nuggets (because she sometimes won't eat anything else...) but also has an assortment of fruits and veggies to choose from. Sometimes she won't eat any and sometimes she will... And worst case scenario, she won't eat the good stuff, but will at least be exposed to it. I think that is probably what lays the ground work for a good adult eater. Most kids are super picky!

  2. I agree with the previous poster. I try to give my son a choice of things that are good for him. I just got the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Sienfeld so I am going to try some of the recipies in there! Good luck! I think that I heard that it takes an ungodly amount of times that the person is exposed to a new food for them to actually be able to tell if they like it or not.

  3. I try to do one. I find inspiration by way of the Orgjunkie.com. They have menu plan monday..and there are a ton of people doing it.

    I find it a challenge to menu plan and stay organized. My husband stays at home with our son and he just doesn't do planning. So I step in to help.

    Remember, being a domestic goddess does not have to mean perfection. I don't expect it of my hubby and he doesn't expect it of me. We get through the crazy, lazy, and rough days together.



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