Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm in a funk.... and I can't get out of it

I should really know better then to pray for patience or wisdom.

It's usually when I do, that God teaches me through the annoying, frustrating, and crazy things in life. But a girl never learns and so enters...lessons God is trying to teach me.

Hubs was traveling a few weeks ago for interviews.

Interviews that would land him Jobs on the east coast. Jobs that would take this baby maker back to her hometown. Jobs that would allow her to be home-sweet-home with her family.

Before Hubs even started "booking" interviews, we sat down and prayed. Asking God for Wisdom. That he open one door because we weren't smart enough to know what job to choose. We prayed for patience that we wouldn't rush into anything but wait for HIM to show us where we were supposed to be.

But in normal baby maker fashion I started planning and plotting. I'd have my sister come down and help me pack, I would fly up with the baby, and be home in time for little man's first birthday. Uhhhuhhh patience right???

Well... at least 3 weeks have passed since the interviews. We heard from two out of the three... both doors closed. That leaves only one opportunity left and they are taking their sweet time letting us know whats going on. First a phone interview with the manager, which took over a week to coordinate.... and now... waiting another week to hear back from that.... and friends.... little man's birthday is less then a week away :(

Unless mountains get moving pretty quickly, it looks like my plans are not happening . . .. so alas... I take a deep breath..... thank God for this lesson in truly relying on HIM

Adios Mis Amigos,

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  1. I'm sorry you're in a funk, but try not to get too down just yet! You still haven't heard back from the third, and there' no telling what might open up in the meantime. And even if y'all aren't up there by the little guy's birthday, the important thing is that y'all are taking steps to getting there before too much time goes by! That's something happy to focus on :-). I hope y'all get good news soon!


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