Thursday, November 4, 2010

 Gratitude creates it's own attitude

Today I am thankful for finding other blogger's like myself that dedicate one day to being thankful . . . I'm linking up with the Thankful Thursdays group .... I'm obviously a little slow ... blaming it on my lack of coffee but couldn't figure out -for the life of me- how to get the link to work correctly ... sorry ... but I've attached the The Tarr Pitt's Thankful Thursday link . It's a great idea, and one that I've been doing for a while, but glad that there are others out there also :o) Besides being thankful for other thankful ladies, today I'm thankful for my husband.

Yes babe!!!! 
I'm thankful for you!!!! 
(he says he reads my blog... this is a test) 

I don't think he gets enough credit around here, no credit actually, I scoured the blog trying to find it... and I couldn't.... sad face .....and before you click the "x" for me being another one of those mushy gushy "my husbands so perfect" women.... hold your horses....

Things have been rough lately, as I'm sure most marriages go through the hills and valleys, ours has been a bit heavy on valleys. We are going through some tough lessons and things have not been all that great (trying to stick to my words of wisdom from yesterday with transparency.) I would honestly say that ever since Little Man's arrival things have been in the not-great-at-all category. For me, it's a whole new ball game when you suddenly have every ounce of energy zapped but a new little one. And on my husband's side, this new little one created a whole new level of stress. Sure providing for a family of two was tricky some times. But if things got tight, we scraped by on love and mac-n-cheese. You can't do that with a newborn. Sure that is a massive understatement for the issues, but that pretty much sums up the majority of issues.

Through these learning curves we have both learned that neither one of us is feeling appreciated by the other person. We have been both so caught up in our own "good deeds" that we have failed to see it from the other perspective. That makes me sad. I am so proud of him!!!! So proud it brings tears to my eyes even now as I type.

Despite the issues we have had, he is an amazing dad, he loves his son with a fierceness I have never witnessed. It turns my heart to mush when I watch them together. I have not had to work since November. Something that would have scared the bahjeebers out of me back in November. But it's all because of him. Because of him I have witnessed my son rolling over for the first time, been here for his first crawls, laughs, moments that I will forever cherish. I have not had to ship him off to a daycare (as was our original plan) but have been the one snuggling him to sleep. None of this would be possible if he didn't work so hard providing for us.

I love you babe... more then words.... and next time... when your feeling unappreciated.... you can come back here :o) and remind yourself.

Adios Mis Amigos,

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  1. what a great post! Marriage is hard but being willing to work through those tears are what make it so worthwhile. Vows are there for a reason! I hope he reads this! :)


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