Friday, November 12, 2010

Freaking Friday...... She's Got Punctuality

Stuff that just ticks me off!!

Freaking Friday, Today I love you. You are the end to a week that has been a huge roller coaster ride. And I hate roller coasters!!! (yes I used the triple exclamation) I get really bad motion sickness. So, riding any kind of ride, especially emotional roller coasters makes me dizzy and nauseous. 
Seriously though, this week has been a rough one.

Yesterday was the cream of the crop, the straw that broke the camels back. Yuck, too many, I know!

I have a thing for being on time. I get really annoyed when people say something will start at a certain time, and then 45 minutes later, we've been standing around being the awkward first ones there. 

Of course now that little man is here, and everything is taking a thousand more hours to do then normal I find myself tardy a lot. It bugs me. Something I'm trying to rectify  ASAP!

Yesterday was a rare exception. It was just me heading out the door.  I left early, with extra time to feed my habit (habit being Diet Coke, fountain soda variety). 

With my soda in hand I walked into the Doctor's office, with exactly two minutes to spare. I filled out my paper work (new patient stuff SUCKS). And was literally all set and ready to go by 1:58pm. 

I smiled inside and probably outside also. (Crazy woman in the waiting room alert!) 

My appointment was at 2. I sat and waited. I found a copy of this month's parenting magazine but article I wanted to read (Top 10 things to feed your child) was torn out of the magazine. WHO DOES THAT!!!! Seriously take the whole darn magazine before you rip out an article. At least then I wouldn't have noticed the pages missing. I would have never missed them. 

So I'm annoyed that my article couldn't be read. I glance up at the clock. 2:15. .. . deep breath, okay, I feel like 15 minutes is an acceptible amount of time to be late. Beyond that it's rude. Seriously rude. Don't they know I'm a crazy busy, emotional roller coaster riding, mama with her plate full of to do things.

Now with no article to read, nothing to distract myself , and my quickly growing irritation I'm left with my thoughts. What if this thing, isn't just a thing. . .but a bad thing. 
What if it's something serious, what if its the scary C word. (cancer)

I have had a pain, in the side of the boobie, since before I got pregnant. I kind of ignored it, mentioned quickly during my first prenatal visit, and of course because I was pregnant, they said it was normal. Now 9 months post partem (over a year since originally noticing it) the pain is still there, getting worse not better, and that worries me. I glance at the clock... 2:30.... 30 minutes unacceptable! I ask the woman at the counter and she apologizes. Apparently the person before me was having a hard time laying still and they had to start over. GREAT!

Now I'm full fledged freaking out and turn to my tweet deck to distract me. I catch up on friends. Then people I haven't seen since high school suddenly become an interest. Then my bestest friend comes to the rescue. After seeing my twitter post, she sends me a text message. She distracts me with talks of fun stuff. 

I realize I'm wearing two different colored flip flops! Bonus points for me, when I actually felt like I was not looking like a frumpy mom today, foiled again. It's now 3:00pm. Annoyed at myself now, for looking like a frump. Kudos points to the BFF for keeping the scary thoughts away for a full half an hour. But now we are talking an hour late. This is INSANE! 

Just as I'm getting up to go complain to the front desk, the cute little lady behind the counter, says, "oh my goodness, I paged them for you half an hour ago" "wow really cause I'm still here, my appointment was an hour ago, and I'm afraid I'll have to reschedule unless I get in right now" 

Mmmm hmmm back to thinking scary thoughts and of course not knowing is so much better the knowing right.... (sarcasm) 

So I go back... FINALLY ...  I realize I am actually terrified of small spaces. MRI= super duper small space, can't breath claustrophobia. They have to pull me out of the machine and let me find a happy place before I can go back in. Suddenly I feel bad for cursing out the person before me for not laying still.

No results yet, still waiting, patiently of course (sarcasm). 

So today, freaking Friday. Thanks for getting here. Finally. Looking forward to a yummy drink tonight and celebrating the hubs and my birthday tonight with his family!!! 

Adios Mis Amigos,

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