Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feliz Navidad

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

We are coming up on some crazy times in this casa.

If you think of us, say a prayer for my hubs. He is going in for surgery on Thursday and will be home making my life a living hell RECOVERING for a full month!!!!

Since I'll almost definitely be MIA for a while I thought I'd share our Christmas card.

I'm super happy we got it photographed, printed and shipped before Thanksgiving.

This way while I'm loving caring for my husband at his bedside I can address the envelopes and get those suckers in the mail.

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. I hope your husband's surgery goes smoothly, and that y'all don't drive each other too crazy while he's home recovering!!! Love the card!

  2. I'm hyperventilating! I am nowhere near ready to send out any Christmas cards. What a cute picture! Thanks so much for recently following my blog. I am following you back! Hope to see you around the Break Room. :)

  3. He is too cute! I'm a new follower from MBC


  4. Love the picture, it is freaking adorable! Hope your hubbys surgery goes well! I also hope you make it through the "recovery" process.
    Stopping by to say hello after I was gone a short time. I have had a lot of changes in my life for the better, including my career. Hope all is fabulous with you. Make sure you swing by my blog. Everything will be back up and running in its normal fashion very soon.
    Stay Fabulous


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