Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks with a grateful heart

Today, I blog with tear filled eyes. I am slapped in the face this morning with just how many things I have been blessed with this year. And not just this year, but sometimes I feel that it's almost too much for one person to hold. 

And yet how often do I grumble or complain?  How often am I consumed by frustration or anxiety? I can't help but wonder if perhaps I'm not missing out on some of the joys in life . . . today that will change.

The this day on I will promise to always try to see the glass half full.

I will pause when the day is sunny and sky is clear and soak up the warm rays on my face. 

I will cherish every second I have with those I love, never knowing when our shared time may end. 

I will find the happiness in whatever situation I may be placed in, 
knowing that it is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I will snuggle my son just one minute longer thanking God that is healthy, happy, and beautiful.

I will hug my husband every chance I get, allowing him to never doubt my love for him. 

I will call my sisters, and let them know just how much they mean to me. 

But today, today I dwell on all of the good stuff. The stuff that takes my breath away.

Today I thank God for the amazing gift of my son. Something that I never knew I needed, and yet now, today, would be lost without. He is the truest form of God's love that I have ever felt. The feeling of unconditional love and adoration that I feel from him on a daily basis (okay except during his new found tantrums) is unlike anything I can express. To know that God saw fit to send such an amazing blessing into my life.  He took my life that was in bits and pieces and turned it into something of meaning, of value and worth.

Today I thank God for my husband. No one can make me laugh, smile, or happy the way that he can. Sure no one can annoy me or frustrate me like he can ,but it comes with the territory. He is undergoing surgery next week and I have been up at night worrying. The thought of something happening to him is something I can't even bare to think about. And yet, I can't put it out of my mind.  I can not imagine my life, our son, or my future without him. I feel so blessed and honored to be married to a man that loves God, loves me fiercely, loves our son with a kind of love I have never seen, and loves how much I love my family :o)

Thirdly  I am thanking God for today is my family. yes all of them. I know that every single one of them contributes amazing things to my life. I praise God for being born into a family, that while we are crazy dysfunctional... I would not want to trade places with anyone. I thank God for being married into a beautiful family. A mother in law who loves me like her own daughter, a family full of Aunts, Cousins, Sisters and gorgeous Nieces and Nephews.

And lastly, and the thing that was brought to my attention just this morning is the amazing gift of my sisters.
 Each and every one of them. Growing up we had three bedrooms and one bathroom to share between 6 girls. YIKES. But it created a sense of closeness that I know is the reason why we are the way we are today.

Our mother always said growing up that no matter what, Sisters stick together. Now as time goes on, days pass, and our lives change we are all going through growing pains. Some are changing into the people they are meant to be, others are going through phases and trying to figure out what they are supposed to be. But in the end, when one of us needs something, we are surrounded by 5 amazing woman.

Watching these 5 amazingly beautiful, generous, and loving ladies with my son was something that I will never quite have the words to describe. Happy just doesn't do it justice. He is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. He is my greatest life's miracle, and not being able to share him with them for the first 6 months of his life was heart wrenching. But the month of time that we spent in NJ is something that I will cherish till the day I die.

It makes me sad to be missing all of these firsts with them. His first thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthday. But I cherish every day in knowing that we will be moving back. My heart is sad for these memories that I am missing. But the ones that he will remember, the ones that will make him feel warm and fuzzy or perhaps hugely annoyed with having 5 Nagging Aunts :o)  will be spent with them.. and for that ... I am grateful.

Adios Mis Amigos,

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