Friday, February 25, 2011

Banners, Signs, and Neon Lights OH MY !!!!

To say I was thrilled when Build-A-Sign contacted me about blog sponsorship is an understatement.  I have about a million things that need printing. They offer everything from banners, parking signs, real estate and commercial ply wood signs to super fun and funky neon lights. . . . to pick which items to use as my product review was a struggle. I chose to go with Vinyl Banners since I have had a few project on my to do list ... well... they've been there a long time!!!

I am in the process of launching my Estore Keeks Mageeks and plan on doing a round of farmers markets, trade shows, and local vendors. I knew I needed some signage so that was first up on the list. . . .
I wish I had a camera that would show you guys just how great this banner looks....  I had a set digital banners that I have used for all of my business cards, websites, and ads, so I wanted something that looked similar, but that was , in Emeril's terminology, "Kicked up a notch...... so BAMMMMMM" The colors are rich, and dimensional. The photo upload quality was amazing and to say that I'm happy with the banner is a no brainer. It's the prefect size, 3 feet x 6 feet. and I will be taking it with me everywhere Keeks Mageeks goes :o)

 The second item I chose to get printed was a birthday sign for little man. Nothing says happy birthday like an 8 foot by 4 foot HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNER. Plus both the hub's and little man's first names are the same... so... two for one :o) voila.

The design process was a piece of cake. You can upload your own images. As shown in my Keeks Mageeks Banner. They have a million different fonts, colors, and clip art. The balloons on the birthday banner, as well as the stars on Keeks Mageeks were all uploaded from their clip art Gallery. The image quality is amazing, the final is strong and thick and will stand the test of time. . . .

Basically . . .. If you can imagine it... you can print it.

Another thing that completely won me over was the Customer Service. The contact person there at build-a-sign, was awesome. The original picture I chose to upload wasn't the best quality and instead of letting it print and come out pixalated (is that a word) she contacted me and let me know that the upload quality wasn't the best, and did I want to change pictures? I will definitely be a repeat customer, and can't wait to dream up other items to get printed :o)

***Legal Smegal*** I was given these banners for review purposes and to include a text link in the post, however all opinions are my own.

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. You so copied my title from yesterday!!!! Jinx.

  2. Love the banners; they came out great!

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