Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1. . . day of rest :o)

In my quest for domesticity I realized that I need to set up a weekly schedule. Me being the anal retentive list maker I need to know what my day requires. I need things to cross of and feel a sense of accomplishment. So... Sundays are going to be a day of rest. I day to spend quality time with hubs, the little man, and the furballs.

Today's majority of quality time was devoted to the dogs. They have been poorly neglected since little man's arrival. I am ashamed to say that they have spent the better part of 9 weeks outside. They love it, birds to chase, squirrels to bark after. I place a fresh bowl of food and water out every morning, but I have never been a fan of "outside dogs". Whats the point of having pets if your going to seclude them outside all the time. I was feeling like a very bad pet owner and even toyed with the idea of trying to find them a home who would give them the time they deserved.

(picture is pre-shave down, they now look like chemo dogs)   :o(

Then I watched Marley and Me, balled my eyes out, and realized that we all needed to adjust to little man's arrival. Pets are no exception. They got a buzz cut shave down. My first time ever and poor things will need a few weeks to grow back some level of decency. But at least there won't be piles of hair all over the floors. (big pet peeve). They both got a good shampoo and brush down of what little fur is left. So now I feel that they are sanitary enough to be inside with the baby. Next was getting the baby used to them. I allowed them both some time of exploring. Little man got sniffed from head to toe, and the dogs got a serious stare down. The barking is another story, and I don't know that any of us will ever get used to the rutcus they make when someone is anywhere near our front door. But at least now I feel that animal right's folks should not be beating down my door. Dogs are clean, little man adjusted famously. Now on to "rest".

Tomorrow's agenda. . . . cleaning. (uuuuuuugh)

~Accidental Baby Maker


  1. I just had to stop by and tell you that I absolutely LOVE the name of your blog!

    The best things in life definitely do happen by accident!


  2. I love that you purposfully introduced the dogs to the baby. We just threw the cats and kid together and let them duke it out. So far the black cat rules all, but the baby has it over the tabby. Who I accidentally balded by trying to remove some fur. Heh.

    Hi from SITS


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