Saturday, April 10, 2010

An evening alone!!

So tonight was the first night in over 7 weeks .. not to mention 9 months of pregnancy that I was alone. No little man!!! The hubs took him for his first solo outting to visit his mother. At first I had a huge knot in my stomach. What if something happened, what if little man was upset, could hubs figure out how to soothe him? What if there was an explosive diaper? Could hubs handle it? It took me a good hour to be able to calm down and relax. Realizing that realistically he was driving 20 minutes and then would be surrounded by not only his mother, but his aunts. Little man would be completely fine he just needed to "survive" the car ride there and back. . . then it hit me. . . I was alone !!!

I literally sat on the couch staring blankly at the wall in front of me. . . what to do ??? Part of me, realizing that we are moving in less then a month was tempted to be productive, get organized, maybe even pack a box or two. Then it hit me. . . it's taken 7 weeks for this moment to come . . . I needed to enjoy it!!!!

I window shopped online for all of the things I would have bought back in the day ... pre-baby makin'. I checked out the newest Coach bags. Since having little man I have traded in my beloved bags for my baby bag. When I do run to the grocery store, Walmart, or Walgreens without little man I just grab my wallet and run. I then went over to amazon and perused the top selling items, I love seeing what others are buying. Financially we are in no place for frivolous shopping. Every penny we spend is out of nessecity. Food, baby stuff and gas for the cars. When something is left over it goes into our savings account that has been depleted since little man's arrival. So even after what seemed like forever of browsing online I still hadn't heard that they were on their way home yet . . . what's a girl to do ????

A nice hot bubble bath.... some Michael Buble playing in the background and some much needed daydreaming

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