Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Direction

So I have been absolutely consumed with mom blogs over the past two weeks. I am absolutely amazed at how many are out there. Any direction, viewpoint, and opinion is listed a million times. Here I thought," let me bring something new to the table." HA!!!

I guess the only thing new that I hope to bring is that I will simply be speaking my mind. I doubt that there is anyone else out there that is crazy in my head.

Instead of being hugely concerned with give aways and getting my "numbers" up (followers) I am going to concentrate on doing what I do.... being a mom to this little man.... and hoping that there are people out there that will come to my blog even if I'm not giving away samples of things.

 ~Accidental Baby Maker

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  1. Your son is beautiful! And I completely know what you mean about overwhelming! I fell in head first and trying to make it work!

    And I'm Following you from MBC Simply 50! Feel free to follow me back at



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