Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's my party I can cry if I want to !!!!

I know your thinking, "Baby Maker, how in the world could you have a bad day with a gorgeous, beautiful amazing little man like that??"
First -I know right, he is beautiful :o)  I needed to get a picture up that would melt your hearts to the amazingness that is my little guy. Second, this picture was taken the day after the raging storm also known as "little man" had passed.

The day I am referencing was not a good day for the baby maker or little man. My quest for domesticity was put on hold. Little man took priority over Day 3's previously scheduled cooking :o)  Below you will see a more accurate picture of our day.... the date on the picture is wrong but this is what I was dealing with

Our entire day (over 10 hours) consisted of eating, crying, and the occasional cat nap. For the first time in my 9weeks and 5 days of motherhood I was helpless.  I was frustrated, exhausted, over caffeinated from an insomnia induced sleepless night the night before. He was crying for who knows what, for over an hour and a half. I fed, changed, snuggled, walked, and every other thing I could think of. Nothing was working to comfort him. I have to tell you it absolutely broke my heart. For many reasons, but the biggest, he always cries for reason, but his was the first time I couldn't figure it out. I am his mommy, I am supposed to know what he needs, whats bothering him, and be able to fix it. I'm sure this is the first time of many that I will feel helplessly useless. So there we sat, him screaming bloody murder and be sobbing because he was crying.  

Adios Mi Amigos,


  1. Hang in there. This happened to us, once when Gunne was around 4 months. He sobbed uncontrolably for HOURS and nothing that we did helped. And then, just like that he went back to his usual cheerful self. We chalked it up to a Wonder Week, but I still look back on that day and shudder.

  2. oh no! poor baby- and poor momma!
    our little bird has times like that too- most recently was yesterday! haha... we use the teething tablets- she started teething really early... and baby's bliss gripe water- which helps with gas and general unhappiness. it's available at walgreens or health food stores.. we just put some on her binky and it usually settles her for at least a few blessed moments- then, when she starts cyring- we repeat!
    hoping you have no more days like that anytime soon!

  3. thanks ladies... definitely trying the teething tablets and gripe water... it can't hurt right!!

  4. We've had that too - Gripe Water was awesome when he seemed hungry, but became angry baby when trying to eat. Also read "Happiest Baby On The Block" that has a technique for swaddling/holding them on their side/vigorous bouncing/shushing/sucking that seemed to (eventually) work with our Little Man. Just skip reading the first half of the book if you try it - thats all theory thats nice for those who don't have a raging infant in their arms!


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