Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smiling Sunday . . . . What Easter means to me

I am not one to normally talk about my faith in such a public forum. Not because I am ashamed or embarrassed but because I believe too often Christians make their faith known to the world with words and criticism but then rarely follow up with the actions and a lifestyle that are tribute to that very same faith.

So I find myself being very careful with what I say, because I know the world is watching. Instead I would hope that people who are close to me, who know my heart, my life, and my actions would see that there is a difference in me and know that the difference is the Lord in my life. I am not perfect by any means. I stumble and have fallen too many times to count.Today however, is a day in my life that I am extremely grateful and blessed.

I have always felt that Easter was the time in my life to reflect on the year that has passed, realize and recognize the areas that I have fallen short, the ways that I don't live up to faith, and set those as my "project" for the coming year. To genuinely strive to not make the same mistakes again.

Despite the many ways that my life has not lived up to the faith I cling so dearly to, I know that I am forgiven, loved, and encouraged to live my life in away that is honoring to God. My Easter celebration is in the fact that I have a God that loved me so much that He was willing to suffer the unthinkable so I could be saved.

I pray that this next year I live a life that is not only honoring and glorifying to him, but be a light so bright that people can't help but know that I am different. That I will not need to proclaim with my mouth, but live by actions that the world will know and see that God is in control of my life. 

~Accidental Baby Maker


  1. Well said...

    That is so true! I hope that I can live that kind of life too!! But I am also thankful that when I make a mistake or say something stupid (which I will...or maybe I already did today) He will still love me. Such amazing love...

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