Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who's Wearing who ????

So, little man and I have come to a crossroads. . . he is 2 months old... actually 9 weeks but I have never been a fan of those mom's that give their child's age in weeks/days/hours. I round to the nearest month :o) Anywhoo back to the point.... what was my point.... ohhh right.... baby wearing.

I LOVE MY MOBY WRAP!!!!! Going to the grocery store before was a nightmare, little man was happy in his car sear for all of about 10 minutes, and then turned into the screaming gremlin... do you know anyone that can get done grocery shopping in 10 minutes... yeah... not so much.

Yesterday little man and I ventured out to wal mart..... sporting the wrap....I got myself all set up wearing it before leaving the house... still havent figured out how to put it on without dragging the material all over the floor.. not that great for parking lot... not only was he happy as a clam (are clams really happy?) but he even napped for the majority of the trip..... YAY !!! I even had time to look and browse through material and artsy fartsy stuff.... mommy got inspired :o)

 He is in heaven being held and now mama has her hands free .... but here is the problem... how much wearing is too much.... can you over-wear your baby..... he has a swing, floor gym, baby jungle gym however doesn't want anything to do with those things.... plus, maybe mama just needs some getting used to it... but I can't seem to do much more then walking around the house with him in the wrap...or of course sitting and playing on the computer.. but that is not exactly productive.... I read all of these posts about how mom's are able to do laundry, dishes, cooking with the baby in the slings... maybe with some practice.... we'll see

~Accidental Baby Maker

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