Friday, April 23, 2010

When did my world start to revolve around pooo ????

Just one more perk of being a mommy. . . .being thrilled that your son has a bowel movement. Until this last formula switch-a-roo my poor little man's tummy was quite a mess. We just couldn't find a formula that worked. He was either having the runs all day long or going 2-3 days without a poo .  We happily found one that is AWESOME!!! and are thrilled... except when it comes to the poo... I am amazed at how completely naaaaaasty one little teeny tiny person's poo could be.

In all of my years of nannying I never remember dealing with this kind of stink-o-rama, I am sorry if this is totally grossing you out, but most mom's are completely immune. I am still working on that supermom power. It brought me to a startling realization.... again... I am "that" mom..... I find myself in anxious anticipation, not for the wonderful task of changing aforementioned diaper, but for the sweet relief it offers my little man.

When did my life go from mani's and pedi's in the afternoon with girlfriends to being up to my elbows in poo???

~Accidental Baby Maker

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