Monday, April 26, 2010

So much for cleaning . . .

So, I am in desperate need of motivation. Today, Day 2 in my quest for domesticity was supposed to be cleaning day. Little man is fussy, the dogs are driving my crazy (see yesterdays post). and with packing there are boxes all over every room of the house. Is there really any point to cleaning??? I think not... except that the dirt and clutter is driving me out of my skin. I'm cranky, hormonal and wish I could just blink and my entire house would be packed and clean and ready to go!!!

putting little man in the wrap and going for a walk before this house drives me crazy

~Accidental Baby Maker

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  1. I totally relate. Our house looks like a bomb hit it. If bombs left boxes everywhere. So what did I do? Put the baby in a wagon and pull him to the park. Because Getting Fresh Air is just as important as Cleaning the House.


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