Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 months .... and 3 days (a little behind on the times)

Three months . . . seriously... three months. Amazed at how this little teeny tiny 6 pound 10 ounce bundle of cuteness has completely taken over our hearts, our house, and our lives forever.

Last night the hubs was strangely sentimental. He started looking through our birth day pictures and the subsequent pictures.. I have to admit... I have been that crazy mom that labels her sons pictures by the week. We have folders that are complete up to 12 weeks. 12 weeks is when the reality hit that its too much work... and the time and hours are few and fleeting... now I'm lucky if I take a picture a week instead of filling up each week with hundreds... I'm also rounding his age out to the months now... those weeks were confusing me and all those around me :o)

Realizing that we are three months into this whole parenting/motherhood journey. I laid in bed as my insomnia took hold and started reflecting to myself. It is absolutely amazing the transformation a person's life undergoes when they bring a child into their world. My "top three" lessons I've learned in the last three months.....

#1: You can't spoil a baby... a baby can never be held too much, snuggled too often, kissed too many times, or "wear" him too long. I have learned that baby's crave attachment. They need it in order to feel safe and secure. He is truly the happiest, most content baby I have ever laid my eyes on. Sure he has his fussy moments, went through a little colic stretch that was fixed with the right formula. . . but for the most part, he cries when needs something, food, sleep, a new diaper. If he is fed, rested, and dry in the tush... he is happy.

#2: Get the hubs involved ASAP. It's hard for the guy to feel connected to a little, wiggly, breakable newborn. It was my instinct to hover over hubs anytime he was doing anything for the baby. That mama bear "protecting" her young thing. He would get easily scared, overwhelmed, or frustrated and I would swoop in and rescue the baby.... the reality is ... Hubs and baby would be fine, they need to figure each other out. Now . . .at three months . . . hubs is learning how to put him to sleep, soothe him when he is upset... and they are really bonding in a way that completely melts my heart.                                                                                               (this is hubs hairy arm fyi)

  #3: this has been the lesson I've been learning since the second he popped out from down below... but often loose sight of it... its so easy to second guess yourself, get caught up in what other people say..... trusting my gut. No one knows him better then I do. No one can tell me what is best for him. Sure lots of people have great suggestions and tips and tricks that worked for them and their little ones.... but I have to stick to my gut. If something doesn't feel right... isn't a good fit... it isn't for us... everyone wants to offer their help, suggestions and ideas... but it doesn't mean that you have to go against what you feel is right...after all.. at 2 a.m. he's all yours
It's so funny how nothing about this little guy was planned. . . how I spent a better part of the first 3 months of my pregnancy freaking out, worrying that I wouldn't be able to handle it. . . wondering why in the world God would send this into my life now?

I am amazed that this was exactly what I needed (just didn't know it)

Adios Mi Amigos,

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