Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Man Den . . . seriously???

As many of you faithful followers know (and I appreciate you I really do) we recently moved..... I apologize in advance for the venting . . . I just need to get it out in the open... and know that you, friends, will support me... because your awesome and we have to stick together :o)

We left a three bedroom two and a half bath to go to a new three bedroom two bath. . . .somewhere in the move I lost a guest bedroom and gained a Man Den. The said "Man Den" is pink... pink walls and under no circumstances is it to be used as a guest bedroom. He has it completely done up with a 50" t.v. . . . two "media" chairs (from a consignment shop) and even went shopping for a plant and some "art" for the walls. . . SERIOUSLY?!?!?! a plant... are you serious?????? and now apparently its our "media room" where I am supposed to spend my evenings with him.... never mind the fact that we have a gorgeous family room that I love with an amazing new sofa set that is rediculously comfortable... I'm supposed to curl up in one of those chairs and "bond" with him..... grrrrr

One of the great perks of our new place is that its a single story. . .which means that his mother can come and stay over as often as she wants (I love his mom and absolutely LOVE having her come and visit) ... however now she has no bed to sleep on . .. HUBS suggestion.... put a queen size bed in the already jam packed nursery . ..  so his mom can "sleep with the baby" HA!!!!! first of all.. there is no room for a bed in there... .secondly... sure his mom may love sleeping with the baby.. but what about anyone else that comes to visit...

then this got me thinking . . . where is my room??? my "sanctuary" as he calls it. . . my place to "decompress" after a stressful day ??? apparently its the whole rest of the house.... riiiiiiiight

so .... I'm putting on the gloves and standing my ground . . . the guest bed WILL be going in that room ... come hell or high water .... just have to figure out how the heck to get it in there????

in the mean time . . . my "space" is done . . .its a 5 ft by 3ft section of our master bedroom.... complete with inspiration wall and all of my favorite things :o) its not a room... but its mine ... all mine

Adios Mi Amigos,


  1. hahaha. LOL. I'm with you. I would have a guest bedroom if possible, especially if you have visitors from out of town. You don't want them to sleep with the baby because that might disrupt the baby's sleep and that's important. Baby deserves his own space too. I would say incorporate some of his "media" things into the living room/family room. That is the place to relax as a family. That way the house is balanced.

  2. You can always try for what my hubby and I have done. His "Man Cave" is the garage! He can fix it up with whatever he wants (for him, this means all things motorcycle). And you can run cable to a garage, though it is a challenge, so your hubby could still have a TV in his "sanctuary". That way, he gets a refuge, and you get a guest room! It has worked really well for us so far :-).

  3. Seriously?? Will he at least put a pull-out couch in there? My man claimed our spare bedroom (in a 2bed apt.) for his office...which he got away with b/c it had a pull-out to double as the guest bedroom, and his job actual does require a lot of after-hours at-home work/study. Of course, then Little Man came and his office? Got moved into the closet. Which isn't even a walk-in. And our guests? Now sleep on an air mattress in the living room.

  4. would love to see some 29387493 pictures of the new place!!!


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