Sunday, May 23, 2010

ohhh for the love of pooop

I love my son... absolutely love him to pieces... he is by far the cutest little man I have ever known.... but are there just some times I swear he knows exactly what he has done and is cracking up on the inside with the craziness he puts me through . . .. today was one of those days.

A little back story, the hubs car has been crapped out in the driveway for a week so we have been housebound. I've got to say I was little bit more then excited to get out and about. Something about knowing that you are stuck at home makes me cranky.It has however proven useful in getting done all the chores around the house.

Our first stop... Marshals.... right on the top of my list of fun... I love the thrill of hunting and digging through piles to find that perfect duvet cover, amazingly cute coffee mugs, and great deals on adorable clothes for little man. I carefully planned little man's bottle, diaper change and we were off. Hoping and praying that his nap would coincide with my strolling and trolling through bargain land. He did great, slept through the entire baby, bedding, and housewares. It was just as I was entering my shoe heaven that I began to smell "THE SMELL".

He was happily playing away in his car seat so I figured let me try to at least finish up shoes and then we'll head out. . . I fly through shoes, finding an absolutely adorable pair of wedge sandals. . . and he is happy and smiling away. . . I press my luck and try to check active wear since I'm starting this week on my "get my body back" schedule. . . the smell wafts up again and I do a leg lift (mom's you know what I'm talking about). . .I peak in and see that he has in fact decided that mommy's shopping adventure was the perfect time to drop a load. . . . I'm torn.... this is my first time out in weeks .... first time shopping for me in 6 months ..... I decide I'm going to smother ourselves in purell hand sanitizer and risk the bathroom stall..... I wait in line.. (of course there is a line) and after 10 minutes its finally our turn, I enter the stall and am sweetly surprised at the cleanliness of the bathroom... THANK GOD!!! but much to my dismay there is no changing station!!!! UGGH ...

First of all Marshals my love .... you have never let me down until today... how are you not going to address the needs of your mommy shoppers and supply us with a place to change our little poopy pants..... I walk out and the lady at the counter, obviously seeing the sadness in my face informs me that they have a family changing room that has a long table that I could use as a changing station... although she could have mentioned that 10 minutes ago before I stood in line, I was thrilled to know that I didn't need to abandoned my shopping cart of goodies to go change little man. . . .so off we go to the dressing rooms... the smell is now getting worse and little man is straining..... GREAT... the attendant sends us in... apparently its much more common place then I knew, using a dressing room as a changing diapers room ... I begin to feel warmth spreading up his back..... I stare down at little man as if to say .... "how dare you" .... and he just smiles and grins back at me....

You know your a mom when . . . . . you are up to your elbows in a poopy diaper in the dressing room of Marshalls

Adios Mi Amigos,

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  1. Loved the story. It has not yet happened to me yet but I'm sure it is only a matter of time! I relate to your frustration in lack of a changing station. I also feel that way when a woman's bathroom doesn't have a chair or couch or something nice to sit on to nurse.


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