Monday, May 31, 2010

My own Personal Sanity Ambassador

This afternoon I am convinced that my little man is an angel sent directly from heaven. I swear I'm not one of "those moms" that thinks that there kid is absolutely perfect in every way . . . (I know he is) seriously though . . . .

He has been sent directly from the Big Man Upstairs (God). His mission is pure and simple. Keep me sane, keep me humble, keep me focused on what really matters in life. This is done through a variety of ways, but mainly he keeps me completely out of my own way. 

This morning I awoke after only getting a few hours of shut eye.(thanks to ridiculous sleep issues) His internal alarm clock is pretty precise and is turning out to be down to the minute. I laid in bed, hearing him fuss, hoping and praying that he would settle back down and allow me to catch a few more minutes of sleep. No such luck . . . the full on crying began. . . .my last attempt at staying in bed was wishful thinking that hubs would get up and sneak out quietly from the room . . . ha.

Instead I get an "babe, the baby is awake". ..  I know he's awake silly man...I was waiting for you to get him. My last straw was going to the bathroom before getting little man . . . thinking that now that hubs is obviously awake, he'll surely get him and then I can sneak from the bathroom back under my sheets. Again . . . I'm wrong. . . . the day continues much like this . . .. I am not trying to avoid my child . . . but simply in one of those "funky" moods that is screaming for some peace and quiet, alone time.

Throughout the day, at the precise moment that I am about to snap, say something witchy, or act rudely little man whips me back into focus and out of the witchy woman that was over taking my mind.

Seriously I can not count how many times his amazing smile, adorable laugh, or general cuteness saved me from saying, doing, and even sometimes thinking some horrible things today. (okay not thinking, I still thought everything  I wanted to say or do, but I should get some credit for not actually doing them)

Adios Mis Amigos,

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