Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to my Quest for Domesticity

Okay friends, I don't know what I was thinking trying to tackle any more items before the move. Let's be serious, it was all I could do to manage to keep me and little man functioning while trying to pack and move. But now we are settled in at the new place. . . well .... at least "set up" there are still boxes in each room that needs to be unpacked. . . but I'm going to tackle a few boxes each day and hopefully we'll be unpacked by next weekend :o)

So I'm feeling ready and willing to get back on track to being a super star domestic master. i've decided to make myself a little weekly checklist. . . figuring that if I have one "task" to complete along with the daily grind I should be able to keep and maintain a semi clean house, organized life, and happy family .... RIGHT???

Any other stay at home mom's that schedule out there weeks like this . . . curious what everyone's "plan" is

Adios Mi Amigos,


  1. Well, I haven't had much success in this department. I am the queen of lists so I have lists very organized by rooms and what needs to be done. But I just am lazy and don't feel like dong any of it. I have tried a weekly every day you clean a different room. One day a week is laundry day. Then I had another system where I have two cleaning days a week where I just dedicate the whole day to cleaning, whatever needs to be done. It doesn't always work, but you gotta try a number of things to find your system. Good luck to ya!

  2. I'm not a SAHM but we definitely have a plan for each week. If not... our weeks usually go without getting absolutely nothing done.

    Monday's and Wednesdays are our day off so we try to plan as little as possible around the house so we can enjoy the days.

    Tuesday nights is clean the house night, the day before garbage day. We go through everything we possibly can. The fridge, each room, the bathroom. And just try to clean everything.

    Moving and trying to maintain a organized how is like trying to stop a kid from touching the one thing that you don't want him/her to touch. It's hard, it's not impossible, but it's hard. Once you have everything in order, your life will feel so much calmer.


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