Friday, July 16, 2010

Deaths Waiting Room aka Cardiologist office

wow, sorry for the MIA but we have been super busy every day getting hubs caught up on all of his long over do Dr.'s appointments. Don't know about the men in your life but trying to get him out to any kind of medical appointment is like pulling teeth! I finally convinced him that since little man's arrival both of us need to be doing everything possible to be the healthiest parents we can be.

Yesterday and Today were spent with a bunch of different tests but I spare you the boring medical side and just share with you the sadness that consumed me . .. . this is a multi physician practice with over 20 dr's all working out of this one clinic, so you can imagine a waiting room full of 20-30 patience all waiting to be seen. I guess the scariness of something being wrong with your ticker makes you want company. There with mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, husbands and wives and all the mixtures in between. The majority of the patience were . . . well old folks. ... we are talking 70's and 80's and a few well past that . . . all shuffling along or being pushed in their wheel chairs. . . then there was hubs and I .... in our late twenties hanging out with the senior citizens club.

All were friendly and making conversation. We had Esther who was preparing for her triple bi-pass, Frank, Harold, and Walter all in after a heart attack. The list goes on and each and every one I envisioned having an amazing life story. Frank was a sassy little firecracker. Not ready to throw the towell in just yet. He made a point of flirting with the nurse at the check in station, and being fiesty when Harold mentioned he was from NYC. I had brought my laptop in an attempt to get our pictures organized and at the sight of a baby I was surrounded... everyone oooohing and ahhhing and I've gotta say it made my heart happy.

But it made me super reflective and even more insistent on making our lives count. On getting to the point where we are old and gray, sitting in the cardiologists and being able to oohh and ahh at some new young life.It also made me call my grandparents (little man's great-grandparents) and tell them how much I love them. How thankful I am that my family is healthy and active and not quite in the "death's waiting room" category. 

Adios Mis Amigos,

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