Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hotter then heck

In an attempt to loose an ounce of chub a few extra pounds that have accumulated in various places that I can no longer stand I have decided to go walking every day with little man. It turns out to serve two purposes. 1.) gets my booty moving 2.) helps little man through his cranky time of day. The time that is too late for him to take another nap, and not early enough to go to bed for the night. We go out, get in a few laps around our quiet little neighborhood and then back in time for a bottle, bath and bed ... it's been wonderful.

Until lately when the Texas heat has kicked into full swing and I have had to push it back later and later in an attempt to not die of heat stroke. Kind of defeats the purpose if it's going to mess up little man's bottle and bed time but if we go any earlier we would literally both die of heat exhaustion (okay not literally but pretty sure we would be sweaty and gross and potentially suffocate from the humidity.)

  have never really been a summer person. Fall and spring are definitely my favorites... mostly because its awesome to be outdoors (which I love). Since moving to Texas I have missed having seasons. It literally goes from being a coolish 50-60 degrees to hotter then hell. (no I don't know how hot hell is.. but from what I've heard it's pretty toasty)

We are talking the kind of heat that as soon as you walk out the door you immediately start to perspire. I'm sure that I'm a whimp and not accustomed to it, because everyone here plans barbecues and get togethers in which they hang out side as if it's not 150 degrees (IN THE SHADE!!!!)

Adios Mis Amigos,


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  2. Love your blog. Love the effort. Giving you the Sunshine Award and rooting for you in every way possible.


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