Monday, July 19, 2010

Makes my Monday

Today's Makes my Monday is simple. 
With little man's first cold the past couple of days were Rough. (with a capital "R")

We have been standing in a steamed up bathroom, filling and refilling the humidifiers, and sucking the snot until there couldn't possibly be more snot to suck. My poor little baybeh!!! The thing that breaks my heart is that despite how bad you know he is feeling, he has been amazingly happy, smiley, and all around squishable.

I was given a humidifier at my baby shower and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It's a little on the pricey side, but unlike many others its completely 100% reachable in ever nook and crany. You don't have to worry about yucky mold or mildew getting in places you can't reach. and it's dishwasher safe. Once little man is through the worst of it I fully plan on sending the entire unit through a hot sanitizing cycle in our dishwasher.  It is programable according to how much humidity you want and quickly filled up our room in no time. We started out at 50% and last night we are up to 75% and it's doing the trick.

Once he got super congested we went out and bought a plug in vaporizer and it helped dramatically with his night time sleeping. No more wheezing and coughing which helped both baby and mama sleep like a champ.The refill packs were on sale, so we stocked up for next time.

Hope these help you guys should you ever find yourself in a boogie situation.


Adios Mis Amigos,

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