Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To cosleep or not to cosleep

Looks like a fairy tale right . .. baby sleeping peacefully while Mum and Dad look lovingly down at their new born. . . this was us and has been us for the past 4 months. . . .Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be "that mom" that keeps her child co sleeping . . . but alas... a life full of "never say never" moments and here we sit. Little man happily snoozing away in his little pack and play next to my bed. He's sleeping a consistent 12-14 hour nights without fail . . . hasn't woken up during the night in FOREVER.

I found myself in a near anxiety ridden moment when hubs mentioned that perhaps tonight was the night for him to start sleeping in his own room. SAY WHAT????? I gave him the obvious glare of questioning when he brought up too many points to mention here... mainly that we are going to end up with a huge problem the longer we let him get used to sleeping in here with us. . . . he went on and on and actually had to almost ready to commit to a trial run. (with me of course sleeping in little man's room)

Then the more I sat on the couch watching my fix of A&E's show Obsession. (the show deals with all sorts of mentally ill people. Hoarders, OCD  etc) I realized. . . . I couldn't do it . . . I am obsessed with sleeping with our bedroom door locked. .. . nothing crazy. I don't have to wash my hands 347 times a day or circle around the house checking every single light switch 234 times . . . I just like to and have always slept better with my bedroom door locked.  It's a stupid poorly productive habit I know. If someone is serious about breaking into our house and coming into our room, I'm pretty sure that little tiny lock could be busted if they blew strongly enough let alone gave a little bit of muscle.  So here I am envisioning said intruder coming and trying to break in and suddenly it dawned on me that the very same intruder would easily head to little man's room first and for sure kidnap him and we would be on the news begging and pleading for his safe return . .. . ohhhh Lord sign me up for an intervention now . .. .

Yes I know I'm crazy . . . I know that this will not happen . . . I know that he will sleep his ever loving heart out there in his own room, in his own crib and be perfectly fine . . .it's me that is a mess .

So I relocated our pack and play into our bedroom (he is quickly outgrowing his previous co sleeper (#1 reason on hubs list why he should start sleeping in his own room.) so problem solved :o) at least until I can get myself admitted to a crazy person hospital :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

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  1. Hee. Gunnar was kicked out of our room when he outgrew his bassinet. I wish we had done some co-sleeping though. That way, on nights like last night when he only wanted to sleep in my arms, it could have been in my bed and not in the chair next to his. Ugh.


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