Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodness Abounds

Today was the first day in . . . . I can't remember how long, that I had my car and was venturing out and about town with little man. I was having a blast, we went to Target (obviously first stop on my freedom tour) TJ Maxx, and Home Goods. While stumbling through my wallet for my debit card I stumbled across a gift card that my sister had snuck into my wallet while visit little man. I insisted she keep it and get herself something fun. She reminded me that I had just managed to grow an entire human being and then evict all 6 pounds 10ounces out of my whoo haaah and that I was in need of a purchase. That was a good 4 months ago. Obviously Kohls was our next stop.

Little man was long overdue for a nap, but told my self that he would surely crash out as soon as we got into the store ( I mean obviously he knows how important shopping is to his mama right?) wrong!!!

He is doing this new thing where he whines and almost sings in an horribly high pitch baby song. Obviously I had to share.... This is the noise that we are waking up to in the morning. Falling asleep to in the evening. And the sound that he chooses to belt out at the most random of times. Of course the entire community of Kohls shoppers needed to hear him!!!

It finally got to the point where he was making a scene and I finally caved and realized that I was totally "THAT MOM" the one that thinks if she ignores the sounds her child is making they will stop. Instead of ruining everyone else's shopping expierence I ditched my cart of items on a display self (super cute flip flops for $2.97, a car seat toy for little man 50% off for $3.00) and bolted for the door.

An older couple was walking out of the store at the same time and the woman just smiled and said "I remember being there, cherish these moments, they will be gone before you know it" and handed me a piece of paper. She explained that they wouldn't be able to use it and didn't want it to go to waste. And that next time I go shopping I should put it towards something great for myself. Without even looking at the paper I shoved it in my pocket and loaded up little man and his squeeling and headed home. I figured it was a coupon and hopefully I'd be able to make it back soon.

While sitting at a stop light I remembered the "coupon" and grabbed it and started to read. It was Kohls Cash. With an available balance of $40.00. This woman, a complete stranger had just given me $40.00 store credit . . . . I felt my eyes well up with tears. I can't even tell you the last time I went and spent $40.00  without thinking. We are a one income family while I'm going to school and every penny counts. I think that the total in my shopping cart would have been about $7.00 and she had just given me $40.00 to spend "on something fun for myself"

I can not wait for the day, that hubs and I are in a better financial situation and I can bless someone the way that she blessed me today!

Adios Mis Amigos,

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