Friday, July 23, 2010

Freaking Friday . . . .

The past couple of weeks have been filled to the rim with Dr's appointments, scans, ultrasounds, and everything else . .. both hubs and myself have decided that it times for us to get healthy and part of that is catching up for the last 6 years of not seeing Dr's .. fun right ??? yea not so much! I'm beyond exhausted have a mountain of laundry but had a blast taking photo's of little man to document his 5 Month Birthday :o)  - first baby can you tell- I do really feel sorry for all subsequent children we may have, no one will be able to measure up to the documenting that this little guy has gotten :o)

 Showing mama's home town pride GO PHILLIES
 Our first trip to the E.R. little man was having problems breathing with his cold

My little thumb sucker


 How yummy is that face!!!

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. Those are some seriously cute cheeks he has!

  2. What a cutie and what a great glad that I stopped by...

    Have a few hours to blog hop....Love nights like this.......Hope you will stop giveaway on my holiday blog...A BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!


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