Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tackle it Tuesday

My to do list is beyond the point of crazy . . . but today's focus was the little things...this has not always been the story of my life... but since getting pregnant and definitely now that I have little man... dust grosses me out, dirty floors drive me insane... and if the bathroom is messy... I'm in need of a prozac...  seriously.... gets me crazy.... I have never been known as a clean freak, and honestly, I'm sure it can't last because it takes a serious amount of time and energy to keep the surfaces clean and the floors "pet hair tumbleweed" free... and with a husband that hasnt seemed to grasp the concept of a hamper I am forever picking up, cleaning up, and wiping things down.... but .... its so worth it.. at the end of the day.. with the fresh sent of fabuloso (amazing smelling cleaning product that is the new love of my life) lofting through the house... knowing that we are as "germ free" as we can possible be, because in 30 seconds something is sure to get dirty again.... its a good feeling

crazy is as crazy does I do believe

Adios Mis Amigos,

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