Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday. . . .ambition???

I say, Ambition, because honestly, I've got nadda. Today is supposed to be "School Day." I'm supposed to be hard at work learning the parts of the body, or muscles, or something anything that will help me finish this stinking Medical Transcription Certification but I'm at a total and complete loss. The hubs hit a sore spot that I haven't really been challenged academically ever. I did the bare minimum to pass, but only took the base level courses. I have never known "what I wanted to be when I grew up". So I never really pushed myself. This course is kicking my ever lovin booty. I'm smart don't get me wrong, (maybe smart ass but smart non the less) It's just that for the last 9 years as a nanny my brain has simply had to eat, sleep, and play with babies. Now I'm challenged every single day I log on and while it feels good.... it's hard!!!!

It's hard, but it's also not what I really want to be doing. I chose medical transcription because it was a decent paying job, I could at home with little man. Actually any job that I could do at home with little man would have won my vote. But it was the best paying one.. and hey... mommy likes new shoes.

All I really want to do is create. I have this deep down desire in the pit of my stomach. I need to create, design, something anything . .. .and then I  realized.... IT'S BACK!!!!!! My creative mojo is back.

I posted a while back about how my son sucked any creative bone I had right out of me. Maybe it was sleep deprivation, the lack of energy, or this new found job of "mommy" but I had nothing. I tried and tried and nothing. I even got so desperate that I painted cardboard. yes, I painted cardboard. I'm not an artist by any means.... I'm sure that only the people that really truly love me think I'm any good. But I don't do it for outside reasons. I do it because I need to.

But now I'm back, over the course of the weekend. I finally strung up all of my great grandmothers amazing jewlery pieces into modern pieces I will actually wear. I organized my supplies (paints, needles, brushes, paper) and I'm ready to roll. I made a list of about 20 projects that have come to mind but I never had the juice to make it happen.

My next big project.... a sewing project.... But I have no sewing machine. Good thing I've got a birthday coming up and I still totally rock at asking for presents. Until someone somewhere tells me I have to stop.... :o)

So as soon as that sucker shows up on my doorstep... it's an awesome wardrobe for little man :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

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