Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

 Gratitude creates in own Attitude

Friends today I'm struggling. First of all you'll notice that there are like 4 posts posted today. That is because in my quest for awesomeness I thought I had gotten myself all set up with a week's worth of posting to auto-post each day. Only to realize this a.m. that none had gone up... awesome! 

But that is minor. I doubt that anyone stumbles on every day to see what I'm writing. If your like me, I blog read before bed. When I can keep my eyes open long enough. I catch up on my favorites and what they've been doing. 
But I'm back in a state of funk. Actually clinical funk. I even asked my Dr about it at my last appointment. Feeling hormonal and just down right shitty. I love my son more then words, adore my husband (most of the time) and in general know that I have a pretty great life. I even feel guilty writing this outloud because I know I shouldn't be so blahhhh. 

In short, I'm realizing that this funk that seems to be coming and going but mostly sticking around is something that needs attention. I have an appointment with a Dr that will hopefully help me weed out any hormonal/chemical issues and go from there. 

But even knee deep in the funk. . .. I am thankful. Thankful for an amazing son, who truly is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. A very patient and loving husband who has been nothing but supportive and compassionate while I try to figure things out. And some pretty awesome friends/sisters/family that call in and check up on me. I know that I am loved, cared about, and that is surely something to be thankful for !

Adios Mis Amigos,

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